Javi Marroquin traveled to New York City this past week to attend an event put on by OK! Magazine. He got glammed up, walked the red carpet, and found someone to watch over Lincoln who was on the trip with him. When he was in New York, Marroquin ran into Briana DeJesus, who had left Florida behind during the evacuation for Hurricane Irma. It sounds like she was also at the event and it's possible that she was invited because she's the newest member of "Teen Mom 2." Of course, fans were not surprised to see them together, as many felt that they would make a great couple.

However, some fans believe that Marroquin should be careful, as she may not be the right one for him.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin didn't say much about them spending time together, but his fans had plenty to say. While many of them felt that he and Briana would make a great couple, others felt that she wasn't the right person for him. Perhaps this is because she's already the mother of two children and has two fathers to take into account.

Dating with kids

Of course, Javi Marroquin isn't a stranger when it comes to dating women with children. He married Kailyn Lowry, who had another son with Jo Rivera. Despite having some uphill battles, it sounds like they managed to work things out just fine.

However, one of Marroquin's followers felt that he should be careful about dating Briana.

"Seems he gets tied up with women who either want lots of children with just anybody or they don't learn from their circumstances. They're not 16 anymore. I'm just telling Javi to be careful because he's a good man who doesn't walk out on his children, even the non-biological ones," the fan wrote to him.

One can imagine he has thought about the consequences if he does start a relationship with DeJesus. It is quite possible that his ex-wife won't be too happy. In fact, she may have already shared her opinion on social media.

Ex-wife not happy?

Kailyn Lowry is busy taking care of her new baby, but she did recently tweet that someone must have been kidding when she heard some recent news.

Her tweet went out around the time that fans were talking about Javi spending time with Briana in New York. Perhaps, Lowry didn't feel like it was smart of him to spend time with a co-star, especially one who has joined the cast with his ex-wife. Out of all the girls in the world, he chose to date close to home.

What do you think about a fan telling Javi Marroquin to be careful?