Fans are wondering if “Alaskan Bush People” will return for season 8. Rumor has it that the Brown Family is now preparing for another installment and are looking for a place to move, which they could call the new Browntown. The clan previously shut down their homestead in the Alaskan jungle after Ami’s cancer diagnosis. Now, devoted viewers of the popular Discovery show are worried about the show’s future.

‘ABP’ to make a comeback?

InTouch Weekly shared that avid “Alaskan Bush People” viewers are wondering if the show will make a comeback as it does not have an official return date yet.

Ami Brown’s deteriorating health has prompted speculation that the show may be canceled. There are also claims that the Brown matriarch is just days away from succumbing to stage-4 lung cancer.

However, Heavy reported that “Alaskan Bush People” season 8 is very likely to happen. The Brown family is allegedly determined to continue the series so they could continue funding Ami’s medications. The news outlet even shared that Billy and the entire brood have already started filming in Colorado.

The publication previously shared that Ami has completed her first round of radiation and chemotherapy. However, the family will have to return to California after shooting the series’ eighth season to determine if the treatments are working.

If so, the medications of Billy Brown’s wife would continue at the UCLA Medical Center.

There are also hearsays claiming that the imminent eighth installment would start airing in October. While these reports could possibly be true, Discovery has yet to confirm or deny these claims. Therefore, avid followers of the reality series should take these speculations lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Fans slammed Billy’s kids

Meanwhile, The HollywoodLife reported that critics slammed Rain, Gabe, and Bird Brown recently over a photo of them together at a Target store in Santa Monica, California. The Alaskan Bush People Exposed Facebook page posted the controversial image on Friday, September 15, and garnered numerous disparagements.

The faultfinders commented on the trio’s appearances, hairstyles and outfit choices.

Haters were quick to notice Gabe’s hair. "Gabe please do something with your hair you look like you need a good wash I know you live in the wilderness but you can still be clean,” one commenter said. Some knockers even described Bird as a fashion disaster.

A few people defended Rain, Gabe and Bird Brown from the odious remarks. “Talk about cyber bullying. Y’all all should be ashamed of yourself,” a Facebook user wrote.