The Great News is out for Ami Brown of "Alaskan Bush People." The reality star is now out of the hospital. She has been battling cancer for a while now and the fans have really been worried about her. The Hollywood Gossip shared the news that Ami was released from the hospital. This sounds pretty promising, but the fans would like to know why she was released and how she is doing now.

Facebook page "Alaskan Bush People Exposed" gives an update

This fan page shared that Ami Brown is out of the hospital, but that doesn't mean that is good news. The page shared saying, "Ami update: She is not in the hospital, however chemotherapy / radiation has taken its toll on her, and she is not well enough to start filming yet." The page went on to explain that they are still in California right now, though.

There have actually been reports that Ami Brown is on her deathbed and not doing very well. The family hasn't actually confirmed how bad she is doing, but rumors are that her lung cancer is now in stage four. Everyone is really worried about Ami.

Billy shared a while back that Ami is a really strong person and that if she is saying that it hurts then it really hurts. He has been by his wife's side the entire time and has been very supportive of her.

The fact that Ami Brown is out of the hospital could mean she is doing better, but it could also mean that there is really nothing left that the hospital can do for her. Ami's fans really do want a big update on her and want to know how things are going, but the family has stayed pretty quiet unless it airs on the show.

Will the show return?

There has been a lot of talk about if the show will return for a new season or not. This post is saying that Ami is not well enough to start filming yet, which makes it sound like filming is going to happen. As of right now, Discovery hasn't confirmed that another season is coming back and the last one was supposed to be the end.

Rumors are that if they do another season the entire family could be moving to Colorado to film it. This would really change things up, but they seem to be done living in Alaska and will now be in the lower 48 states somewhere.

Are you surprised to hear that Ami Brown is out of the hospital? Do you feel like this is good or bad news?

Sound off in the comments section below, and hopefully, news will come out soon about if "Alaskan Bush People" is going to ever return. Everyone is really hopeful that the Brown family will come back in some way even if it is a spin-off.