A few days after Radar Online’s alleged source revealed that Dakota Johnson was incredible and out of control on the sets of “Fifty Shades Freed,” the 27-year-old actress allowed her tattoo artist to share her newest ink. She is known as a tiny-tattoo collector and her sixth piece of tattoo is a tiny flower called dandelion, which she recently got from Dr. Woo. The actress previously revealed that she has regrets getting some of her tattoos but it looks like she got another one that we hope she won’t regret yet again. After all, it’s always hard to get rid of something permanent may it be an ink or something else.

Dakota’s new ink

Dr. Woo, one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in Los Angeles recently shared his latest masterpiece for Dakota Johnson. It is said that the actress waited six months to get inked with a simple flower design. However, it seems that it’s not just a simple dandelion tattoo but it is to honor the 20th-century Austrian painter, Egon Schiele. The tattooist shared a photo of the flower tattoo on Instagram and captioned it with how the actress described it. "It's a lil f**ked up, but it's still a flower, like me,” reads his caption quoting the “Fifty Shades” alum.

Is she a diva?

A few days ago, a source told Radar Online that Dakota Johnson gave the people behind “Fifty Shades Freed” a headache and said that she has been acting like diva on-set.

The insider further said that the producers had to ask her mother, Melanie Griffith, to speak to her daughter to tone down her bad behavior. She is reportedly not on speaking terms with her on-screen partner Jamie Dornan as the actor can no longer handle her diva-like attitude. There have been no comments from the actress’ camp about this rumor to this date.

Fans rally behind Dakota

Despite this diva-like behavior, fans of Dakota Johnson are still with her and didn’t believe a single thing about the alleged insider’s revelation. They said that she is one of the best Hollywood stars and it’s not possible that she would take it for granted just to act like a queen. On the other hand, there are people who criticized the 27-year-old actress and claimed that she’s only famous because her parents are popular.

Thus, she should not act like a diva.

What do you reckon about the new ink that Dakota Johnson just got from Dr. Woo? How about her alleged diva-like behavior on the set of “Fifty Shades Freed”? Do you think that Jamie Dornan has stopped talking to her because of it?