Adrianne Palicki was prominently known for her role as Bobbi Morse on ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD.” However, she talked about her experience as a failed Wonder Woman and how things went for her career since that sad moment.

According to Cinema Blend, Palicki was cast as Wonder Woman in 2011. It was a prospective series for NBC network. Unfortunately, the show was immediately canceled after the pilot was filmed, but even the pilot was not aired.

While this is not an ideal matter to talk about, Adrianne Palicki managed to address it and pointed out that the experience was not easy for her.

Of course, she was disappointed as the series did not even get a chance to be aired. The negative response was overwhelming and that is why the cancellation did not come as a surprise.

Palicki’s devastation as Wonder Woman

The 34-year-old actress said, “I was devastated when the pilot didn't go. But I also look at it like I got paid to wear that costume. And that is one of the coolest moments of my life running down Hollywood Boulevard.”

In addition, she also felt lucky despite the fact that things did not turn out well. On the other hand, she knows that there is a purpose for everything. After all, Palicki is delighted that somebody else gots to wear the costume again: Gal Gadot. As many people have seen, the new film overwhelmingly earned positive responses.

The same goes for Palicki who portrayed the role of Bobbi Morse. She may not be in the recent season of “Agents of SHIELD, ” but her presence is undeniably missed. Therefore, her failure as Wonder Woman indeed worked out for a greater purpose. At the moment, there are no confirmed details, but Bobbi Morse is likely to return in Season 5.

Nick Blood returns in Season 5

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Nick Blood would return in Season 5 to reprise his role as Agent Lance Hunter. This role is the character who formerly married Bobbi Morse. Blood debuted for the series in Season 2. Morse and Hunter were disavowed in Season 3 after deciding to quit SHIELD.

These two characters were supposed to star in the spinoff of Marvel’s “Most Wanted, ” but it did not push through.

The duo exited as if they would not return and now fans are delighted. Details of Hunter's comeback are still tightly under wraps.

Viewers will soon find out whether Bobbi Morse is going to be back this season. Palicki’s fans can watch her on FOX network’s “The Orville.” “Agents of SHIELD” Season 5 is expected to air later this year.