YouTuber star Colleen Ballinger recently posted a video to her YouTube channel in which she and her best friend Kory DeSoto talked about the night that Kory finally came out to Colleen. Kory and Colleen talked about the difficulties that Kory had to face when he came out as many of the people in his life openly rejected him.

Coleen shares her memories of the night Kory came out

According to Unicorn Booty, YouTuber sensation Colleen Ballinger sat down with her best friend and co-worker Kory DeSoto to talk about the night that Kory finally came out to her.

She posted a video with the title "Coming out isn't always easy" and states that she and Kory have not talked about the night he came out for over a decade.

The YouTuber recalled the events of the night and said that it was full of emotion and heartbreak. She told her viewers how she received a phone call late one night from Kory and assumed that he wanted to go on their ritual night hunt for food. However, when she got downstairs and into Kory's car, she noticed that her friend was crying hysterically.

Colleen stated that Kory came out to her in the car and kept saying that she was going to hate him and finally admitted that he was gay. The YouTuber recalled that no matter what she said she knew that it would make no difference as Kory was convinced that Colleen would judge him the way others had when he came out to them.

Nonetheless, Colleen told her friend repeatedly that she loved him and that it did not matter to her if he was gay.

She stated that the night was full of sorrow and that her heart literally broke as she saw her best friend in absolute pieces. Colleen and Kory both agreed that at that time in Kory's life he hated himself for being gay as they both went to a Christian University where it was taught that being gay was sinful.

Kory talked about how his life changed

According to Unicorn Booty, Kory DeSoto also had his say on what happened in the lead up to the night that he came out to Colleen Ballinger. He stated that he was still finishing his course in university and that he had started seeing a boy who told everyone that they were dating.

At this time, Kory was not ready to come out and he claimed that friends who referred to him as a brother broke off their friendships and would no longer talk to him simply because he was gay.

He explained that because he went to a Christian school he believed that he was going to go to hell for being gay and this is why he felt Colleen would also abandon him because of his sexual orientation.

Colleen decided to share the video to show people that even though there is now a wider acceptance of LGBTQ+ people things are not always as easy as they might sound and not everyone has a safe and happy coming out story.