Netflix’s “The Crown” is looking like one of the Queen’s champion horses as the 69th Emmy awards draws near. The royal drama created by Peter Morgan got 13 nominations including Best Drama Series, Best Actress (Drama) for lead star, Claire Foy, for her role as Queen Elizabeth II, and Best Supporting Actor (Drama) for John Lithgow, for his portrayal of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Most television critics and Emmy experts consider “The Crown” as a strong contender, especially in the three categories mentioned. So, what makes this royal drama series an odds-on favorite for the biggest prize in television?

Claire Foy’s subdued but emotionally strong performance

It is hard to bet against Claire Foy getting an Emmy next month in light of the fact that she already was recognized this year for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the "Golden Globe Awards" and in the "Screen Actors’ Guild Awards."

According to, Foy delivered an “understated and subdued” performance however her scenes have tons of emotional impact. Although, the article pointed out that Claire Foy’s passive and restrained moments may work against her favor as Emmy voters tend to love flashy performances.

“The Crown’s” director, Stephen Daldry, explained how complex Claire Foy’s role was. Speaking to, Daldry said that role of Queen Elizabeth II was difficult because she must be both visible and invisible.

These two natures of the character were hard to play, according to the director.

For Claire Foy to have splendidly played such a complex character is truly deserving of an Emmy.

John Lithgow’s gravitas and originality

Claire Foy, speaking to said that John Lithgow’s performance as Winston Churchill in “The Crown” brought gravitas, statesmanship, and imagination to his character.

Lithgow put his take on the role avoiding preconceived ideas about the iconic British leader.

Director Stephen Daldry meanwhile said that physical similarities with Churchill were not factors in choosing the actor who will play the prime minister’s part. Lithgow did not look like Churchill, but he was able to deliver powerful performance.

It is no wonder why almost all of the tv critics interviewed by puts the John Lithgow way ahead of the other nominees in the Best Supporting Actor (Drama) category.

“The Crown” was made to be an "Emmy" contender

“The Crown” may be the most expensive series made for television but it was a lavish, vivid, and personal show that provided a fresh and intimate perspective about the British royal family.

Peter Morgan’s script explored a broad range of story lines that were both new and engaging to audiences. According to director Stephen Daldry, Peter Morgan was fascinated with the story of Queen Elizabeth II that he wanted to go on and make another project about her majesty after their collaboration in the Broadway show, “The Audience.” Thus, they decide to work together again in “The Crown.”

Peter Morgan was also nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Drama series while Stephen Daldry for Outstanding Directing for a Drama series.

“The Crown” got nominations for cinematography, production design, and casting as well.

With its "Golden Globe" award for Best Drama Series this year, “The Crown” is not just contending but aiming to win.