"Grey's Anatomy" fans know that Alex and Jo belong together. They get each other in a way that no one else understands either of them. Both have deep scars from their rough pasts that make them harder to get close to. Being defensive hindered Jo in being able to tell Alex from the beginning that she has an abusive husband.

The following contains spoilers for "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14. Do not continue to read if you don't want to know what happens.

Last season, viewers of "Grey's Anatomy" saw actor Matthew Morrison in the role of Dr. Paul Stadler, the abusive husband that Jo is so afraid of.

Viewers saw how intently he watched Alex at a Seattle medical conference. The only interaction the two had was when they almost shared a cab but Alex changed his mind. He did take notice of the look on his fellow doctor's face, however.

Alex has a temper and is very protective of Jo. He would love nothing more than the opportunity to beat the daylights out of the man that hurt Jo. If he had known how close he was to Paul, Season 13 would have had a very different ending.

Matthew slips and shares a secret

In a recent interview with "The Argonaut," 38-year-old actor Matthew Morrison let the tidbit slip that he had joined the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" for Season 14. When ABC was contacted for a statement, they chose to stay mum on the subject, however.

All spoilers point to some dramatic twists coming with Dr. Paul Stadler. It sounds as though fans won't be disappointed.

In other casting news, "Grey's Anatomy" has replaced Bridget Regan as Owen's sister. Regan had filming commitments with "The Last Ship" so they have recast the role with Abigail Spencer. Owen's sister, Megan, was thought to be dead but was found alive at the end of Season 13.

Fans will have to watch the drama unfold as she comes to Seattle and finds her husband has moved on.

Former showrunner returns

As for what is going on behind the scenes, Shonda Rhimes just got Krista Vernoff back on staff with herself and Betsy Beers. She was a showrunner and executive producer from 2006 until 2011. Returning after a six-year break, she will bring a fresh perspective to the successful ABC medical drama while understanding the history.

"Grey's Anatomy" fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season which premieres on September 28th at 7:00 PM CST. The hit show has a set of characters that face drama in their personal lives, as well as in the fast pace of the hospital. Make sure to check back with "Blasting News" to keep up with all the latest spoilers as the information comes out. We will share all the secrets with you.