Big lips are all the rage these days, and it is partially thanks to Kylie Jenner, who has admitted freely that she has gotten the cosmetic procedure done. Her lips have become so iconic and intrinsic to her brand, that Kylie has created her own lip kit that is quickly becoming a $1 billion business. However, plastic surgeons say that Kylie's willingness to be so candid about her procedures has meant that many women in the United States have been less than shy about getting the procedure done themselves. According to one plastic surgeon, he has seen an uptick in women getting plastic surgery on their lips after Kylie announced that she had her lips enhanced.

Kylie helped make plastic surgery less taboo

According to Dr. Ourian, as quoted in The Hollywood Gossip, Kylie Jenner has made plastic surgery less hush-hush. Before the Kardashian-Jenners, most celebrities were quick to deny the fact that they had procedures done, instead either playing it coy or outright pretending that the change has been naturally occurring. However, Kylie's willingness to be so open about it has led to a culture of Young Hollywood who is less scared to open up about going under the knife. Ourian says that he has treated many celebrities, however, most of them do not admit to the fact that they have had any work done. Kylie, he says, is one of the first women of influence to proudly state that her lips aren't all natural and that she doesn't care if people know it.

This has also created a surge of young women getting lip enhancements.

She got her lips done originally due to bullying

Kylie Jenner opened up about why she got her lip enhancements done, and it was for an unexpected reason. While most wouldn't expect someone like Kylie Jenner of all people to be a target of bullying, the star says that she was made fun of all of the time due to her lips, so she decided to get lip enhancements done in order to stop the jokes about her thin lips.

But while Kylie has admitted to her lip injections to the media, she hasn't been so open about other procedures that magazines have speculated she has had. The young reality star and lip kit mogul may have also had breast augmentation, as her bust seems to have grown twice its size in the past several months. She has, however, not owned up to any of the rumors. She has also remained mum about possibly having butt enhancement to make herself appear more like her famous older sister, Kim.