“Arrow” Season 6 is gearing up for a potential surprise that includes an all-female reunion in the future. It can be recalled that the series' Arrowverse counterpart “The Flash” announced a “Girl’s Night Out” episode. Unfortunately, there is one thing that is stopping them to do it in Star City.

Marc Guggenheim, who serves as the executive producer of “Arrow” hints the possible unity of the female characters on a mission. Unfortunately, to do this, it would require the presence of Caity Lotz. She plays both Sara Lance and White Canary.

And now, she is currently one of the lead stars in “Legends of tomorrow.”

All-Female reunion in Season 6 possible

According to Comic Book, Guggenheim explains how it’s totally possible to have all the female characters reunite. However, what stops him from doing it is the absence of Sara Lance. Unless they find a way to get her back from “Legends of Tomorrow,” an all-female reunion would be less meaningful.

The veteran executive producer then shared that one of his favorite episodes is “Arrow” Season 4, episode six. It is where Speedy (Willa Holland), Black Canary (Katy Cassidy), and White Canary (Lotz) fought side by side. “That was a blast. Seeing three badass women was really awesome," Guggenheim shared.

Meanwhile, one cannot deny that the upcoming season has more than enough female roles to get the party done. Aside from the previously mentioned women are Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and the new Black Canary, Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy). Cassidy will return to play her previous role’s doppelganger, Black Siren. In the end, fans can expect that having an all-girl action is on the EP’s to do list.

Characters to return in ‘Arrow’

My previous report revealed the death of Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman). At first, Barrowman was sad to know there were no future plans for his role. Fortunately, Guggenheim spoke up in an interview saying that there will always be a place for him in the show.

After all, the veteran EP shares, there are time travels, flashbacks, multi verse and any other means to feature him back.

Malcolm Merlyn died after saving her daughter Thea Queen (Holland), who stepped on a landmine. Despite their family conflicts, his fatherly love remained until the end.

Furthermore, we cannot wait for more ‘Olicity’ (Oliver & Felicity) updates. The Huntress, a character from Arrow’s previous season is also hinted to return in “Arrow” Season 6. On the other hand, fans are yet to find out who died and survived the explosion that happened in Lian Yu.