Kelly Ripa is rumored to be "done" with "Live" after Ryan Seacrest proposed that the morning show relocate from New York City to Los Angeles. A source reveals that it made Ripa go ballistic and issued an ultimatum to higher-ups because she's tired of them "kissing up" to Seacrest. Is she really quitting the hit ABC Talk Show program?

Seacrest's bid to move show ignites fury

Radar Online published a report on Wednesday citing a source who alleges Kelly Ripa reached her limit when Ryan Seacrest was bidding to move "Live with Kelly and Ryan" be permanently moved to LA so it would better fit his "American Idol" schedule.

The rebooted show will air next year and Seacrest is slated to fly back-and-forth from the two cities to tape both "AI" and "Live" multiple times a week.

“I’m done!” Kelly Ripa allegedly said about staying on with "Live," according to the source.

Radar's insider added that Kelly told network bosses "if push comes to shove, she’s ready to walk" from "Live." She still harboring hard feelings over the Michael Strahan scandal and "she's not going to allow it to happen again!” the source said.

Studio execs open to relocating "Live"

The source went on to say that studio executives were open to the idea of moving "Live" to LA and expecting Kelly Ripa to uproot her entire family from New York to the West Coast.

It was at that point Kelly reached her limit. She also has a production company in New York that she runs with her husband, Mark Consuelos. Additionally, one of her sons is starting high school in NYC. According to the report, producers have offered different options for his education, but Ripa "refuses to pull him out of school."

The source maintains that executives are trying to convince Kelly to relocate even temporarily when "AI" airs, but she's not budging.

They also tell her that the move may help the low ratings -- which have tanked since Seacrest signed on. The network thinks the move may do them a favor "because they’ll have access to all the stars in Hollywood." None of it's changing Ripa's mind because she believes "Live" is being "hijacked from her."

A separate source informed Radar Online that Kelly Ripa quit "Live" before and she'll certainly do it again.

Her absence was only one week after the bombshell that Strahan was leaving to work on "Good Morning America" full-time. She's not willing to put up with any of this nonsense again because she feels that the network should make her needs a priority since the show bears her name.

Is Kelly Ripa actually quitting "Live"? There's been no confirmation or denial of the source's allegations at this point.