Ivar The Boneless will certainly continue to prove himself on the battlefield in "Vikings" Season 5. However, Ragnar Lothbrok might also find himself reunited with an unlikely old friend as he continues fighting in England. Will Ivar meet Alfred The Great in one of the History show's upcoming major battles?

Fans have been expecting to see more of Athelstan's son after he was reintroduced as a young man in the second half of the fourth season. Is it possible that Alfred will have a bloody reunion with Ivar this fall?

Ivar the Boneless vs. Alfred the Great

One of the most poignant moments in the back end of "Vikings" Season 4 was the scene where Alfred met Ragnar Lothbrok. The King of Kattegat immediately knew that he was meeting Athelstan's son and he tearfully embraced the young prince. However, Alfred's most interesting encounter was with Ragnar's crippled son.

In the episode "All His Angels," the captured Ivar was engaged in a game of chess with young Alfred. Although the two were unable to converse due to the language barrier, it was clear that Athelstan's child was fond of Ragnar's son. Before Ivar was sent back to Kattegat, Alfred presented his friend with a chess piece from their game.

The scene appeared to tease on more interactions between the two in the future "Vikings" episodes, especially since the actor who will play Alfred in the fifth season has hinted at the character being on the battlefield.

Will Alfred defeat Ivar in battle?

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo has somehow confirmed that he will portray Alfred the Great through his numerous Instagram posts. In addition to that, the "Sing Street" star has also shared pictures of himself with co-star Moe Dunford covered in dirt and fake blood. It certainly looks like the prince will be joining his adoptive father, King Aethelwulf on the battlefield in "Vikings" Season 5.

But will Alfred manage to defeat Ivar and the Great Heathen Army? Some believe that the son of Athelstan will be victorious in driving the Northmen back to their home, which could also lead to the civil war suggested in the show's new trailer.

Who will die in 'Vikings' Season 5?

People have been concerned about the characters who could get killed off in the History show.

Some believe that Lagertha's new alliance with Ubbe could lead to her death in the series. In addition to that, Floki might not survive by the end of the season due to Gustaf Skarsgard's casting in "Westworld" Season 2.

"Vikings" Season 5 premieres on History on November 29.