TheSpider Man” spinoff movie, “Venom,” is reportedly adding a new name to join its cast. According to Variety, multiple Emmy nominee, Riz Ahmed is in early talks with Sony for a possible role in the planned standalone film set to be released October next year.

Citing unidentified sources, Variety reports that there are no details yet as to what role Ahmed will play only that he will take the part of a popular Marvel comic character. There is no official confirmation however from Sony Studios about Riz Ahmed’s possible involvement in the planned “Venom” film.

If the talks with Ahmed turn out to be successful, he will join Tom Hardy, who was earlier confirmed to star in the film.

Tom Hardy to play "Venom"

Prior to the opening of “Spider Man” Homecoming, it was reported that Sony was able to get Tom Hardy to star in the long-anticipated movie. At the same time, it was revealed that Ruben Fleischer, who directed “Zombieland,” will be Venom’s director.

Sony had the opportunity to get Tom Hardy to play the role of “Venom,” when the actor exited from the movie “Triple Frontier,” according to Variety. It was also an added factor that Hardy is a “huge fan” of the Marvel comic villain.

It will not be the first time though for Tom Hardy to act as a comic book villain.

He played "Batman’s" nemesis, Bane, in the "Dark Knight Rises," opposite Christian Bale.

"Venom" stands on its own

Despite the connection of "Venom" to the Spider Man universe, as one of its well-known villains, Sony had made it clear that the film adaptation will “stand on its own.”

This was also reinforced by the answer given by Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, who replied “No,” when asked if Tom Holland’s Spider Man would appear in the movie version of “Venom.” This has put to rest speculations that the web slinger would perhaps be involved in the film.

Feige also pointed out that people connected to the film were “making a great “Venom” movie and getting Tom Hardy was a “good start.”

Venom actually appeared already in the big-screen as one of the villains in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man 3." The character was played by Topher Grace.

Who or What is “Venom?”

In the Marvel Comics world, Venom, also referred to as Venom Symbiote, is a sentient alien, which takes an almost liquid-like form.

It requires a host to attached itself in order to survive. Once attached, the host will be endowed with enhanced powers and in the case of humans, will live a dual-life.

It was the Spider Man who became its first host. It went on to attached to other human characters and one very notable was Eddie Brock, played by Grace in "Spider Man 3."

In the IGN list of the Top 100 comic villains, Venom was ranked 22nd.