Kendall Jenner was at a Bar in Brooklyn recently where she failed to leave a tip for the bartender that served her. The bar posted a photograph of Jenner's receipt to social media and has expressed their disappointment in the millionaire. This has sparked a massive debate online as the public both praise and criticize the bar for its actions.

The bar posted to social media

According to Marie Claire, Kendall Jenner was at a bar called Baby's All Right and she did not tip to the bartender for their service. The Brooklyn based bar has since taken to social media to show evidence of their claim that Jenner left no tip.

They posted a picture of Kendall's receipt on their Instagram account, which shows that she paid the $24 for her drinks but left the tip section empty.

The bar also left a sly comment underneath their Instagram posted reminding people to tip their bartenders, as this is where they make the majority of their wages. It is clear that the staff at the bar were taken aback when a millionaire walked into their bar and did not leave a tip.

This has caused fans of Jenner and the bar to take to social media where a strong debate is ongoing. One has to question if Baby's All Right made the right decision in this situation as they have come across as a little petty in the situation. While it is commonplace to tip bartenders and waiters this practice is not required and the bar has no supporting arguments.

Fans have been reacting strongly

According to The Sun, fans of both the bar and of Kendall Jenner have reacted strongly to the bar's Instagram post. Some fans have praised the bar's decision and called out Jenner for not leaving a tip for the bartender who served her. They have taken to social media to criticize Jenner for her decision and have stated that seeing, as Jenner is a millionaire it is not as if she could not afford to tip.

However, fans of Kendall Jenner and members of the public, in general, have got involved in this debate and stated that if Jenner did not receive good service than she should not have tipped the bartender. They have stated that the bar was clearly upset the celebrity left no tip and have directly targeted her simply because she has money.

Fans have publicly criticized the bar for their treatment of their customer and it is clear that some people will be staying well clear from Baby's All Right in the future. While the bar has been praised for bringing attention to tipping their staff, they have also damaged their business by publicly attacking one of their famous customers online.

Neither Kendall Jenner nor her representatives have commented on the situation and fans are wondering if the star will hit back at the bar.