Artist Tyga is currently at the wrong end of a lawsuit from his former business partner who is demanding that Tyga pay up. The lawsuit was initially filed two years ago and now that time has elapsed the amount, which Tyga owes has increased. The singer has not commented on his reasons as to why he has not paid the money and fans are curious as to his reasons.

A lawsuit was initially filed back in 2015

According to XXL Magazine, his business partner filed an original lawsuit against Tyga back in 2015. Chuon Guen Lee sued Tyga after he released a Clothing Line titled Egypt Kings and Lee claimed that Tyga did not hold up his end for the promotion of the line.

Chuon Geun Lee had also released a clothing line before Tyga titled Last Kings and she claimed that the name was too similar to her line. At the time, Lee was looking for $1.6 million restitution including damages and the judge agreed that Tyga had to pay.

Tyga has failed to produce this money and now two years later the amount he owes his former business partner has gone up. According to TMZ, Chuon Guen Lee has recently followed up on the lawsuit with the courts and has filed more documentation with L.A. County Superior Court. Kee has asked for the judge’s help in ensuring that she gets her money from Tyga.

If Lee's request to the judge is granted this means, that Tyga will find himself in a spot of trouble.

It has been confirmed that the authorities will become involved and this could have bad consequences for the artist.

The star has more than enough money to pay for former partner back

According to TMZ, Tyga makes huge amounts of money for his various performances and projects. The star has recently joined the cast of the MTV series "Scream" and is making more than he would usually make in a given year.

XXL recently sat down to talk with Tyga about his decision to take a stab at the acting world.

Tyga revealed that he has always wanted to try his hand at acting and that when the opportunity to join "Scream" arose he did not think twice. He stated that he was waiting for the timing to be right as he was always so caught up in getting his music career up and running.

Tyga has recently dropped his latest project titled "Bitch I'm the Shit 2" which features artists such as Kanye West and Young Thug. Tyga has stated that he is going to be taking on more acting roles in the upcoming year 2018 and plans to try to break into the film industry.

Tyga has been contacted about the ongoing lawsuit, but he has not made a statement about the situation.