Chelsea Handler and Tori Lahren both sat down for a discussion about their political views in a Liberal-Conservative debate at Politicon over the weekend. The celebrities talked openly and maturely about their view of politics and while it was clear, they would not agree on everything they certainly raised awareness about the different ideologies out there. Lahren has stated that she would absolutely have the same kind of conversation with Handler and greatly enjoyed the experience.

The chat was in an interview style

Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren sat down at the weekend to discuss politics at Politicon in an interview style session.

Handler and Lahren were sat in armchairs on a stage and were eager to delve into their differences when it comes to politics. Handler asked the questions and even calmed the crowd when they began to boo Lahren for her honest answers.

The controversial women showed great respect for one another as they openly discussed their differences of opinion in front of an intellectual crowd who were well versed in American Politics. Handler stated that she wanted to sit down and chat with Lahren because she realized how divided individuals could become because of politics and wondered if they could have a mature discussion about their views.

Lahren commented about the experience

According to Fox News, Tomi Lahren believes that she and Chelsea Handler were able to have a mature discussion about their differences of opinion in terms of American politics.

Lahren stated that she believes she taught Chelsea more about national security and military readiness, which are two issues that Tomi feels very strongly about.

Lahren and Chelsea each have strong views when it comes to their political opinions and Lahren admitted that there would always be some things that the pair will disagree on.

She stated that Handler would never have the same view of allowing transgender individuals into the military but that she is confident she explained her reasons clearly.

During the conversation, Tomi Lahren admitted that she was still on her parent's health insurance plans as this was awarded to her with Obamacare. This got a negative response from the audience but Handler quickly dispelled the negativity telling the audience that Lahren is simply being honest.

Chelsea Handler has not commented on the debate since but Lahren has come forward with claims that she made Handler lean more towards the right.