The Joker is one of the most iconic villains of the DC universe and now he is all set to get a standalone movie. Warner Bros and DC have initiated work in this direction and have roped in writer-director Todd Philips of “The Hangover” fame to direct the proposed film. He will also be writing the movie along with Scott Silver while Martin Scorses is set to produce it with Philips. However, the fans of The Joker are not happy with the development and many have expressed their outrage on social media for fiddling with the iconic character’s storyline.

The Joker film to be a gritty and grounded drama

The proposed standalone movie on The Joker is said to possess a flavor of its own as the makers intend to create a hardcore crime drama. The film will be set in the imaginary Gotham City of the 80s and but it will be very different from a DC movie. It will not have any resemblance with the 80s movies of Martin Scorsese either. While insiders claim that Phillips and Silver have begun penning the script, it is not yet clear as to where would the film lands in the schedule of DC.

Fans furious over Todd Phillips helming The Joker movie

While Warner Bros seem to be excited about the project, fans of "The Joker" have been left fuming after they got to know about the decision of the studio.

They are not happy with Todd Phillips writing and directing the movie but more than that they have taken umbrage over the fact that The Joker may get a backstory. Fans are not ready to believe that Phillips can do justice to a movie based on the iconic villain who is quite dark and twisted. They fear that the character would end up in a mess if he is explored.

They do not want an origin story for The Joker because they feel that it was the lack of the backstory that made him such a compelling character. The mystery was the reason he appeared so intriguing and to back their theory, they cited the example of Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight” where his back story kept altering with the person who he was harassing.

New actor to play The Joker

The proposed film may have gotten its writers, producers, and director but the film is yet to get its hero. Jared Leto, who played the villain in “Suicide Squad,” and has been confirmed to reprise the character in the sequel as well, is not doing this standalone film. It is said that the makers are looking for a younger and different actor to portray the villain. So far, no name has been finalized and it remains to be seen who gets the role.