The world likes to see celebrities display their love in public. It's always amazing when stars show their lovely moments for people to see. The most recent stars to do that are The Weekend and Selena Gomez. The lovebirds have been affectionate before the eyes of their fans, and it's obvious they are serious about one another.

The Weekend shared a photo of him with his girlfriend

On Sunday, The Weekend posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it “Home.” In the picture, 25-year old Selena Gomez is in a black sweatshirt and is resting, her eyes closed, on The Weekend’s lap.

The 27-year-old star is holding probably an Xbox controller and has his eyes set somewhere else, presumably a TV as his girlfriend smiles. Two plates of pizza on the table show that they were snacking. Well, it looked like “It Ain't Me” singer couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Some people thought she was distracting her boyfriend from playing his video game and snuggled into him. To some other people, it looked like the two had planned to stay indoors for a casual day in. The previous night, Selena was at the Arclight theater where she was the host of Q&A screening of “Good Time,” Robert Pattinson’s thriller.

The Weekend is on a break

The hit-maker is currently on a month-long break from Starboy Legend Of The Fall world tour.

Gomez had joined The Weekend during his Europe tour. The last performance is expected to be in Montreal, and it might be possible the Canadian native might be around. The Weekend’s tour began in February, and he is expected to return to the stage in University Park, Pennsylvania on September 6. Selena released the video of her new song “Fetish” recently.

The lovers made their first red carpet appearance in May at 2017 Met Gala in New York City. They were spotted kissing with their arms around one another. The “Starboy” singer first broke up with Bella Hadid before moving on Selena Gomez.

The Canadian singer had appeared on Harpers Bazaar magazine

Early this month, Gomez had congratulated her boyfriend for his magazine cover.

The Harpers Bazaar magazine cover showed the hitmaker posing with a navy-black shirt and a jacket. In the magazine, the singer had talked about the importance of keeping his life away from the limelight. He said that he wasn’t in a rush to let people know all about him, and mystery was always great. He added, luckily all the world demanded from him was music and nothing else for the rest of his life. On June, after being asked why she chose to be open with her relationship, Gomez said it was hard for her to spend time hiding things and added that it was too much pressure and everyone gets over everything at the end. At least fans can keep up with them.