The Daily Mail Online recently reported that actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his “Titanic” co-star Kate Winslet went to a vacation in beautiful Saint Tropez in France. The report noted how their friendship had been kept from the year the world-renowned movie was shown on screen.

Saint Tropez, France was the venue of their reunion, the place where a gala event for DiCaprio's environmental foundation was held. Winslet reportedly supported her co-star and one of her best friends.

According to the Mail Online, the “Titanic” stars spent some time at the poolside of the French luxury estate and took photos of the event in the south of France.

The report showed photos of the actress in bright orange-colored bikini wrapped with a sheer white-colored overlay. Her hair was shown arranged in a messy pony with her face donning a natural look.

The article noted that the “Titanic” actor was down on his swimming shorts that he wore at the low waist. Furthermore, Winslet brought a pair of sunglasses with her as well. The two had conversations inside the estate, and reportedly walked inside the house “with their arms around each other.”

Leonardo as Leonardo

Last week, Paramount disclosed a report saying that Leonardo DiCaprio was chosen to play the iconic painter Leonardo da Vinci in an upcoming biopic.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Paramount Pictures was able to secure the rights to turn into the film a book by Walter Isaacson telling the life of the notable Italian artist. The movie company won the bidding after a reportedly “intense” competition.

The “Titanic” actor is also said to produce the film under his banner.

Once shown on screen, the Da Vinci biopic is going to be included in the long list of DiCaprio’s iconic movie portrays through the years.

Environmental Foundation

The male celebrity also heads a foundation dedicated to protecting the environment. Called The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, it is a group that is dedicated to preserving the health of Earth’s inhabitants, Daily Mail Online reported.

To date, the foundation has reportedly provided around $80 million worth of funds to various other environmental causes, groups and advocacies. Winslet joined the actor in the said gala event, which was also attended by fellow celebrities Heidi Klum and Sean Penn. The article noted that the gala raised around $45 million last year.

Kate joined Leonardo, both portraying the lead role in the movie “Titanic,” which earned worldwide accolades for the love story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt inside the ship that sailed to New York in the early 1900s.