"The Walking Dead" season 8 has just celebrated another milestone as they marked the first 100th episode for their upcoming season premiere. In honor of such milestone, the entire production has paid tribute to all their viewers for all their Love And Support through a sweet video message. The entire cast members were reported to have shared a video clip on the set as they thanked all their fans for their success and for turning a simple show into something phenomenal.

According to TV Guide, their tribute has kicked off through a Facebook Live with Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride.

Both were seen hanging out from the set. Further, Reedus and McBride seemed to be enjoying their thing a lot as they gave hand-gesture commentary on what Reedus has been saying on the video.

Hundred episodes and more

During the sweet video message, Andrew Lincoln, one of the series stars, has thanked all their fans for letting them reached such milestone. In the video, Lincoln said, "We're in the hundreds now, ladies and gentlemen, and I'd like to thank you all for being a part of this journey with me and my fellow survivors."

Apparently, everyone from the show was in awe after learning that the upcoming season 8 will finally air its 100th episode. Other casts like Chandler Riggs, Lauren Cohan, and Norman Reedus have also reflected from all the moments they have shared back in season 7.

Riggs has further recalled that he was only 10 years old when he started working for the show.

Love and support

As the cast members for "The Walking Dead" paid tribute to their fans, each of them couldn't help but reminisced those times when they started working on the series years ago. Each of them has shared their message during the on-set video and has thanked their fans for the continued love and support for the series.

None of them had imagined that "The Walking Dead" series will hit such success and milestone. Apparently, the success of the show was all because their viewers have continued supporting them.

Meanwhile, McBride has also recalled her character back then. She revealed that she thought she would only last for a single episode out of six in a certain season. Nevertheless, she was a lot happy for making it through until the eight seasons.

On the other hand, Steven Yeun's character, who was killed off in seven seasons, has also revealed that he still watches the series together with his friends. For him, "The Walking Dead" is among the best shows being aired on the network. Meanwhile, season 8 is slated to premiere on AMC on October 22.