Farrah Abraham has branded herself as a business woman over the past couple of years, as she has experienced tremendous success from her role on "Teen Mom OG." When she was filming the show, Farrah launched a pasta sauce that was meant to be a "mom and me" sauce. She used her daughter to promote the product and it experienced some success. However, when Farrah decided to film two adult films for $1 million, it sounds like fans lost respect for her. They were shocked and surprised that she would stoop so low. Many people made fun of her for being a porn star, but Abraham claimed she had been used.

For months, she tried to deny that she filmed the movies on purpose, but she launched a sex toy line to make money.

It sounds like she doesn't want to be known as a sex tape star, but she has no problem making money off of the opportunity. In addition to the sex toy line, Farrah is also promoting a new service that seems highly inappropriate for someone her age. According to a new Instagram post, Farrah Abraham recently revealed that she had vaginal rejuvenation done. Of course, many celebrities are excited about this procedure, but when Farrah promoted it on her Instagram account, fans were shocked.

Inappropriate ad?

Many people feel that the ad is inappropriate because Farrah Abraham is only in her 20s.

As one person pointed out, Abraham already has a bad reputation and the fact that she has already starred in adult films does not give her the best reputation. Some people believed she was easy to get into bed with. Now, she's promoting this procedure and fans believe it sets a bad example for her daughter.

"I would be so embarrassed to need to do this at such a young age.

Only a slag like her would be proud to show everybody how used up she is. NO CLASS! NO PRIDE!" one person wrote to Farrah Abraham on her post, revealing that it was downright shocking that someone her age would need this procedure.

Is it all business?

Of course, Farrah probably chose to market this procedure because she got paid for it.

Abraham is all about making money and she knows that her name can make her a lot of money. One can imagine she received thousands of dollars for promoting this particular service at this location. Maybe her posts are all about business, as she can make money that her co-stars could only dream of. Of course, none of them have an interest in becoming a sex tape star for the sake of making money.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham promoting this treatment? Do you think she's doing it for money or do you think she looks horrible promoting such a service?