"The Real Housewives Of New York City" cast members may have inadvertently exposed who they voted for in November's presidential election. Some ladies declined to say who they voted for but viewers can probably guess based on the hints they accidentally dropped.

Hillary supporters spoke out, Trump supporters did not

During Wednesday night's reunion episode of "The Real Housewives of New York City" on Bravo, the host Andy Cohen took a break from discussing Luann de Lesseps tumultuous relationship with Tom D'Agostino to talk about last year's election.

Andy flat out asked the women who they voted for and Dorinda Medley proudly stated that she supported Hillary Clinton and would absolutely "do it again."

Carole Radziwill also publicly supported Hillary Clinton throughout the election while "The Real Housewives of New York City" was filming Season 9.

Who wouldn't say who they voted for?

However, some of the other ladies fell silent when they were asked who they voted for. Luann de Lesseps kept her lips tight during this conversation.

Ramona Singer would not outwardly admit who she voted for but bragged that she had met "Hillary at some private homes in the Hamptons" and that she knew Donald Trump from "Mar-A-Lago" and that they had some similar friends.

She also mentioned that she had "been to his place a number of times."

When the Bravo host asked if she would tell the viewers who her choice for president was and she said,"gosh, I'm not going there."

Sonja Morgan went on to say how she knew the Donald Trump and his family very well and that she and the current President of the United Staes "did consulting for hotels and restaurants" together.

She also chose not to directly disclose who she voted for.

Bethenny Frankel went a bit off topic saying that she had told former President Bill Clinton that he had something in his teeth one time, but then she added that she also had the "misfortune" of running into Donald Trump when she was coming home in the morning after a long night "looking like a complete hooker."

The Skinnygirl mogul was one of the housewives who did admit to voting for Hillary Clinton in November's election but also said that she "didn't like his election" and "didn't like [her] choices" of presidential candidates.

Tinsley did not register in time for the election

Newcomer Tinsley Mortimer let it slip that she actually did not even vote last year. She had been living in Florida previously and did not register to vote in New York in time for the election.

Carole turned to her friend, shocked, saying that she needed to get involved. When the blonde bombshell told Radziwell that politics wasn't really her thing, she responded that she needed to "make it [her] thing."

In conclusion, one cast member did not vote, three admitted to voting for Hillary Clinton and three did not want to reveal their votes. However, did they reveal more by not saying anything at all?

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