Spoilers for “The OriginalsSeason 5 have just revealed the names of the actors who will join the roster of the male cast. The hit series now welcome “Reign” star Torrance Coombs and “Descendants” Jedidiah Goodacre. Both stars will bring romance to the new season.

New male characters

The upcoming season 5 will feature some juicy plots, as revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con. The series showrunner Julie Plec teased they would bring in some new male cast who would be linked to Hayley and Hope.

The showrunner detailed that fans of “The Originals” would see Hayley with a new friend named Declan.

Moreover, she mentioned that the friendship would turn out to be a “friend with benefits” type.

EW reports that Coombs will play the role of Declan. This new male cast is described as a flirtatious, mischievous and charming chef from Ireland.

Apparently, Declan is clueless about the background of Hayley. Fans of the series should look forward to how he would respond when he found out that the latter belongs to a brood of vampires. In addition, he does not have any idea of the supernatural pedestal of New Orleans.

In the Comic-Con, Plec also revealed Hope Mikaelson will have a possible love interest by the name of Roman. Fans would see the lady witch having some cheesy moments with a new guy at Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted and Talented.

The latest spoiler revealed Goodacre, who played the role of Chad Charming in the Disney movie “Descendants,” will play the role of Roman, who is a neophyte vampire. He is described as a demonic yet charming student from the same school of Hope. The report also mentioned he is interested in the family of the latter, especially after her involvement in a mysterious case at school.

Release date and farewell message

The Originals” season 5 is expected to premiere next year. There is no official announcement yet on the exact release date. However, Plec just mentioned in her farewell announcement that the new season would return next spring.

Unfortunately, “The Originals” season 5 is the final season of the hit vampire series.

Prior to the Comic-Con, the showrunner took to her official Twitter account a lengthy farewell message regarding the show’s finale. She said it is “both a gift and a burden” to manipulate the completion of the series.

On a lighter note, the last season would most likely feature the best of its kind. Plec said that for a series on an immortal family with an “Always and Forever” belief, the final season is actually not the completion of the story.