Kim Kardashian was close to not marrying Kris Humphries and her mother, momager Kris Jenner, tried to convince her to postpone her marriage the night before she walked down the aisle.

Kardashian, her mom, and her sisters were all interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter celebrating their 10-year anniversary for their reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” The family managed to reveal details that were never seen in their reality series.

Kardashian talks marriage to Humphries

Kardashian and Humphries’ marriage was short-lived. The mother-of-two said she could not physically stay with Humphries but did not offer more details about why she chose to end her relationship with the NBA star.

As for her mother trying to convince her to call the wedding off, US Weekly reported that Kardashian had doubts before they go married. Jenner knew about this and pulled her daughter away from the cameras and said that the marriage to Humphries was not for Kardashian. Jenner even offered that she would be the one to handle the problem and Kardashian should just leave.

Aside from Jenner, the producers of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” noticed she did not seem happy at all. They also tried to convince her that she did not really have to get married to the NBA player.

The 36-year-old wife of Kanye West said that if she cancelled the wedding, people would think she only did it for the show. However, she was wrong because even after she divorced Humphries, everyone thought she only married him for the cameras.

On marriage being just for the reality show

She told The Hollywood Reporter that if the marriage was indeed for the show alone, they should have gotten someone who actually signed up for it and would be okay to get a divorce after two months after being married. She also pointed out that if it was for the show, they would have kept the legal battle to a minimum.

Kardashian said the marriage to Humphries was “real emotions, real feelings” and it’s just that people sometimes “f**k up.” She did not offer a detailed explanation for the reason behind the split.

Kardashian, Humphries had tumultuous relationship after split

The two married back in August 11 and divorced 72 days later. Humphries did not take it well and accused Kardashian of defrauding him.

Their divorce was finalized in April of 2013 but before that, he asked Kardashian for $7 million. He eventually dropped the demand.

What Kardashian does not like to see in 'KUWTK'

Aside from talking about her failed marriage to Humphries, E! News revealed that Kardashian also hated seeing herself pregnant on-screen. She described herself looking like a cow when she was pregnant and she said she cannot stand seeing those episodes.

Kardashian talks surrogate reports

Kardashian also talked about the reports regarding her and West paying a surrogate mother to carry their third child. She said that they have not confirmed anything regarding the matter but they are trying and hoping so.