Klaroline shippers rejoice! After waiting around for years for a Klaus and Caroline reunion, the former “The Vampire Diaries” power couple is finally reuniting in “The Originals” Season 5 premiere.

Much awaited reunion

Shippers of Klaus and Caroline, collectively known as Klaroline would be happy to know that a TVLine insider confirmed that the pair would finally have their reunion in the opening salvo of “The Originals” fifth season. Fans have been waiting for a crossover to happen between the two shows ever since Klaus started headlining his spinoff show.

With the Mikaelsons having their hands full in New Orleans, Caroline was developed into Stefan’s main love interest in “The Vampire Diaries” so there was no opportunity for a crossover.

However, fans found hope for Klaroline in “The Vampire Diaries” finale when it was revealed that she received a letter from Klaus wishing her well and hinting at his still fond feelings. He further sent hearts racing when he enclosed a generous gift to support her boarding school.

Unfortunately, the timing was not right for the Klaroline reunion in “The Originals” Season 4, according to series creator Julie Plec in a TV Guide interview. She said that while she is not closing the doors on Klaroline happening, the timelines of the shows just did not match.

Salvatorre Boarding School

With Hope Mikaelson attending Caroline’s Salvatorre Boarding School in the upcoming season, it may certainly mean that the timing has not aligned itself between the two shows on The CW.

Julie Plec is also now the showrunner of “The Originals” taking the reigns from Michael Narducci, so it is expected that there will be more crossovers from “The Vampire Diaries” that will happen.

Fans are wondering what this would mean for the Klaroline ship. With TVLine’s information that the two characters will meet in “The Originals” first episode, fans will be able to gauge from the meeting whether the chemistry is still present for the powerful pair.

The possibility is also high that they will rekindle their relationship after being separated for a long time because of the undeniable connection between Klaus and Caroline.

Their significant others Stefan and Cami are also now out of the picture leaving room for a reunion to happen.

Aside from Caroline's appearance, Nina Dobrev is also rumored to be appearing in an episode of "The Originals" Season 5. She will not be taking on the role of Elena or Katherine and is expected to play a new character from the Mikaelsons' past.