Seth Meyers dedicated the latest episode of his "Late Night" show to discuss the recent happenings at the White House. In the past few days, the public saw the reorganization inside the West Wing, which began when Reince Priebus submitted his resignation as the Chief of Staff on Thursday. He was immediately replaced by John F. Kelly, which was personally confirmed by Donald Trump in a series of tweets on Friday.

White House continues with its reorganization, shake-up

The appointment of the new chief of staff reportedly forced Sean Spicer to step down as the press secretary and acting communications director to the president.

Anthony Scaramucci was later appointed to head the communications team, while Sarah Huckabee Sanders was promoted as the new White House press secretary.

The White House shake-up did not stop there. On Monday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed to members of the media that Anthony Scaramucci will have to end his service at the White House to give John F. Kelly "a clean slate and the ability to build his own team" when he assumes office on that day.

An unnamed official, however, told CNN that the decision to sack the newly installed communications director was a direct order from John F. Kelly, adding that the new chief of staff thought Anthony Scaramucci lacked the discipline for the White House role.

The dismissal came after Anthony Scaramucci's foul-mouthed attack against Reince Priebus was revealed to the public. Apparently, the then-communications director was infuriated when his private meeting with Donald Trump and others was leaked by an unknown informant.

In fact, the sacked communications director personally called a reporter to ask for the identity of the leaker.

After failing to get something from the journalist, Anthony Scaramucci threatened to fire all communications staffers. He also guaranteed the immediate dismissal of Reince Priebus, whom he believed was responsible for leaking the information.

Scaramucci's 10 days in service

After he hit the headlines for his stern words against the former White House chief of staff, Anthony Scaramucci was compelled to leave the West Wing after just 10 days of service.

Hence, the fired communications director was the subject of Seth Meyers' tirade on his "Late Night" show on Monday.

The TV personality thought Anthony Scaramucci's last name is longer than his service to the U.S. president. "Even at his last job, Trump only fired one person a week. At this point, getting fired is part of orientation," he said.

Seth Meyers even discussed the political figure's profanity-laden interviews in the past. "Scaramucci got Priebus fired and then he got fired two days later. It's like telling someone, "See you in hell," and then literally showing up in hell the next day," the host added.