derick dillard found himself in hot water after he expressed his strong stance on gender fluidity. On Wednesday, the "Count On" alum did not spare his TLC co-star, Jazz Jennings, when he attacked the cable network for featuring a "non-reality" transgender individual in their reality show.

Dillard under fire for transphobic comments

The 16-year-old transgender teenage girl earned her own reality program, "I Am Jazz," in 2015. The show follows her daily life as one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as transgender. Apparently, her being on TLC did not please Derick Dillard, who fearlessly voiced out his belief as a devout Christian.

The father of two said it was ironic for a reality program to feature a transgender, which he labeled a "myth" before he went on to argue that there is no such thing as gender fluidity.

The Internet was quick to react to his comments which were deemed transphobic. Some commenters specifically criticized Derick Dillard for throwing shade at a 16-year-old teenager, while members of the LGBTQ community also took offense at his remarks. Others even called to boycott "Count On" on TLC.

TLC, on the other hand, informed their viewers that Derick Dillard's personal comments do not reflect the views of the network and their programs.

Derick Dillard also clarified that he has nothing against his TLC co-star and explained that his main concern was the way Jazz Jennings was being promoted.

His respond to criticisms only added fuel to the fire for using "him" to describe the transgender teenager.

"You mean her. Use the right pronoun if you have no issue," a Twitter user replied. Another one said, "I also have an issue with ignorance. And you just showed the world how stupid you are!"

Jennings earns outpouring of support from fans

A commenter, who claimed to be a pastor and theologian, thought it was wrong for Derick Dillard to invoke the name of God to justify discrimination.

Several other commenters even brought up his brother-in-law's alleged molestation case and asked Derick Dillard to justify his wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Jazz Jennings also took to Twitter to share her honest thoughts about Derick Dillard's comments about her. The "I Am Jazz" personality said this case was "no different" to every say that she experiences cyber-bullying for being transgender.

In the wake of the controversy, the transgender teenager gained support from her supporters who even thanked Jazz Jennings for being an inspiration to them.