For all of you out there who haven't heard of "Rick and Morty," welcome to the surreal world of the drunk scientist, Rick, and his intergalactic adventures. If some of you out there dislike animated shows, this is one show that's going to change your perspective.

From adult humor and eccentric characters to the atrocious acts that Grandpa Rick commits and his unique catchphrases. This show is sure to keep you entertained throughout.

As an animated adult sci-fi show that was first released in December 2013, "Rick and Morty" has garnered quite the fan following.

After moving in with his daughter Beth, her husband Jerry, and his grandchildren Summer and Morty, Rick quickly returns to his normal routine and starts conducting experiments in the garage. As both an alcoholic and a genius scientist, Rick embarks on some of the most whimsical adventures with his grandson Morty, though the purpose of these adventures is to further his own agenda.

Season 3 Spoiler Alert: Will Jerry and Beth get divorced?

The season starts off with a bang as Morty and Summer try to save Rick from the galactic federal prison only to fail miserably and be caught by SEAL Team Ricks. After that fiasco, the roles are entirely reversed as Rick somehow tricks the Council of Ricks and ends up rescuing Morty and Summer.

Having had enough of Ricks antics, Jerry decides to give Beth an ultimatum and asks her to choose between him or Rick.

To his dismay, she chooses her father, Rick.

Rick, Morty, and Summer in the Mad-Max World

The second episode shows Jerry leaving the house while trying to bid farewell to his disinterested daughter and Morty.

Summer, who is looking for any excuse to avoid her father, quickly agrees to an adventure suggested by Rick. This adventure takes them to a Mad-Max version of Earth where they are chased by a gang of scavengers called Death Stalkers.

After Summer kills their leader, the trio joins the scavenger group once an insistent Rick convinces them.

Rick talks them into helping him steal a big chunk of Isotope 322 (which the scavengers worship). Once Rick gets caught trying to steal the large chunk of Isotope 322, he quickly abandons both Summer and Morty and flees back to his Earth. Morty and Summer stay with the Scavenger group and have their own personal adventures and ordeals, during which the both deal with their parent's divorce in extremely violent ways. The episode ends with the trio reuniting and heading back to their Earth.

Unlike the first two episode, Rick doesn't use a portal gun to embark on another adventure this time. Instead, we see him turning himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy. The adventures of "Rick and Morty" will keep you glued to the screen. For any of you who are looking for a good show to watch, "Rick and Morty" should be at the top of your list.