"The Dark Tower" TV series is still in its developmental stages for the moment but it took a major step towards realization with the announcement of "The Walking Dead’s" Glenn Mazzara as its showrunner. The news was revealed in an article posted on the Hollywood Reporter's website.

According to the THR report, putting Glenn Mazzara at the helm of the TV series adaptation of the popular Stephen King novels was a crucial initial move. The report said Media Rights Capital and Sony Pictures Televisions, the show's producers, will make 10-13 episodes for the first season and are planning to begin working sometime next year.

No network has yet committed to broadcast the tv adaptation however, producers are looking to pitch the project to either cable or streaming stations to air "The Dark Tower" TV series.

Showrunner is a Stephen King admirer

Glenn Mazzara told THR that he has been an avid admirer of Stephen King novels for so many years now and the opportunity to steer the "The Dark Tower" tv series is a great honor for him. He added that he is excited to share the story to tv audiences and compared the feeling of having a major part in the project similar to being handed the key to a treasure chest.

The decision to get Glenn Mazzara is considered as a solid choice for two reasons. First, he is a self-proclaimed long time admirer of Stephen King's many novels and second, he has the experience on how to make a greatly popular tv program like "The Walking Dead." As the showrunner, Mazzara will take the lead with writing the series and at the same, its operations, THR reported.

Idris Elba will be part of the TV series

Idris Elba, who played the role of Roland Deschain aka the Gunslinger in the film adaptation of the "The Dark Tower" will continue to do the role in the TV series according to THR. It is also expected that the cast will include Dennis Haysbert and Tom Taylor, who will reprise their movie roles in the tv adaptation.

The THR article also revealed that the TV adaptation will be based on the fourth book of Stephen King’s "The Dark Tower" series, "Wizard in Glass." It will be an origin story that centers on a younger Roland and his company.

The series, Mazzara explained, will also tackle how Roland became the Gunslinger as well as the origin of the Man in Black.

It will touch on the causes and reasons, which turned them into rivals.

The film adaptation of "The Dark Tower" is scheduled to be shown in theaters starting this weekend. It was directed by Nikolaj Arcel, who is said to be writing the script for the TV adaptation also.