Disney-Marvel may have the “Avengers” films for tying together its solo heroes in the Cinematic Universe, but Warner-DC has been doing the same in their own inter-connected TV series over at The CW, well before the “Justice League” movie hits this year. As the number of DC shows on The CW increased (from “Arrow”), so did the opportunities for the network and the studio to have them interact and fight evil together more often. The 2016 four-series crossover storyline “Invasion!” had proven the benefits that the concept had on the shows’ viewer ratings, so naturally, they’re going to do it again with a new crossover in the fall.

Romantic interaction

The CW has been dropping several hints as to what can be expected for the 2017 crossover of their DC-TV shows that make up the “Arrow-verse” (due to spinning off from “Arrow” except “Supergirl”). Boss Mark Pedowitz even called the November 2016 week when the episodes aired the most successful in CW history. So for the second crossover storyline tying together “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Supergirl” Pedowitz has one theme in mind: “Romance is in the air.” Even executive producer Greg Berlanti from “The Flash” chimes in that this year things will become even more personal for characters from all four series.

To implement the crossover storyline more efficiently and concisely The CW is to have two DC-TV shows running back-to-back in one night effectively.

The narrative will start at one series, continues to the next, and so on with the following night and the remaining shows. It is already known that “Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow” will be paired together for one evening. The romantic angle being pushed by Pedowitz was also to avoid having “Arrow, ” and its sister shows not come off as copying the mostly-platonic approach of Marvel’s “The Avengers.”

More emotion over bombast

“Invasion,” the 2016 CW superhero show crossover involved Supergirl traveling from her native universe to team up with Arrow, Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow which comprise a universe of their own.

In this format, the main action was actually carried over only three of the shows – the “Arrow-verse” – while the “Supergirl” series merely showed the heroine leaving her Earth to join the adventure as an epilog to one of its season 2 episodes. This time, however, the plot will be spread more evenly across all four shows. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim explains that it will be more character-driven and emotional rather than action-packed.

The CW will see its DC superhero shows returning in the fall. “Supergirl” season 3 starts October 9, “The Flash” Season 4 and “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3 will be on October 10 back to back, while “Arrow” season 6 will be on October 12.