Netflix has released “The Crown” Season 2 trailer giving fans their first glimpse of the next season of the Emmy nominated royal drama. The teaser also revealed that the series will start streaming globally on December 8.

Claire Foy will reprise her critically acclaimed performance as Queen Elizabeth II, which won her the Best Actress award at this year’s Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild. Foy is among the favorites to win in the same category at the Emmys this September.

“The Crown” also won the Best Drama series at the Golden Globes Awards this year and it has earned a total of 13 Emmy nominations.

These include Best Drama Series, Best Supporting Actor for John Lithgow, Best Writing for the series creator, Peter Morgan, and Best Director for Stephen Daldry.

'The Crown' begins with the Suez Crisis

The much anticipated second season of “The Crown” will cover the eight year period of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, starting from 1956-1963. It will begin at the time when Britain was engaged in illegal war with in Egypt over the control of Suez Canal.

What has become known as the Suez Crisis ended with what historians referred to as the time Great Britain lost its status as one of the major powers in the world stage.

Prince Philip and Princess Margaret

Matt Smith returns as Prince Philip as the royal drama is expected to delve deeper into the life of the Queen's consort/husband and may even tackle his rumored affairs with other women.

“The Crown” will reveal Philip's backstory and his impact on their marriage.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Kirby reprises her role as Princess Margaret, the controversial sister of the Queen. Her story arc will take on her controversial marriage to Anthony Armstrong-Jones, the Earl of Snowdon, which ended up in divorce.

The Kennedy visit

One of the highlights of “The Crown” this season will be the 1961 visit of US President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie.

The Queen and Prince Philip hosted a dinner at the Buckingham Palace for the very popular couple dubbed by the American press as Camelot.

Harold Macmillan’s resignation

“The Crown” is set to end with the resignation of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, who was rocked by a series of scandals towards the later part of his term.

The political scandal involving Macmillan’s Secretary of War, John Profumo, was considered the most damaging.

Macmillan resigned for health reasons in October 1963 however, it was said that the scandals had a great impact to his self-confidence forcing him to leave office.