Ever since Netflix dropped the first season of “The Crown” in 2016, it has won a number of awards and got critically acclaimed for depicting the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family. Now that the biographical drama is up for its second season, its stars are now teasing what fans could expect to see.

In fact, there are swirling rumors that even the long-reigning Queen herself is a fan of the television series. But, its main star Claire Foy is a little skeptical about the so-called “royal source” who revealed the news.

Foy’s thoughts on the Queen watching her show

"What royal source?” Claire Foy asked in an interview with Vanity Fair. The 33-year-old star simply can’t believe that Queen Elizabeth II is actually a fan of “The Crown.” In fact, she insisted that she would only be convinced that Her Royal Highness is following the show’s story if she sees it. The English actress explained that the biographical drama features personal moments of the Queen of the United Kingdom’s life. Thus, it might not be a good thing for the monarch to see it, especially if it involves her personal life.

Claire Foy also added that the show’s personal take and seeing someone else portraying her life might not be an enjoyable watch for the sovereign.

This, too, includes watching someone acting her moments of grief, happiness, fear, triumph, and other emotions and feelings she has been through. Hence, she has a doubt if the head of state will even bother to see it personally.

Stars teased the coming of the 2nd season

Moreover, as Claire Foy and Matt Smith, who plays the role of Prince Philip, graced Netflix’s “The Crown” FYSee chat with James Corden, the two talked about the coming second season.

The stars revealed that they are already done filming “The Crown” Season 2, but they still have to do some reshoots. “In Season 2, it gets a bit hairier,” the 34-year-old actor teased. The show’s second chapter will focus more on the story of Prince Philip and will cover about 10 years of their lives, up until 1964. Claire Foy, on the other hand, admitted that there are some scenes in the second season that she would never want to relive.

Additionally, at the recent BAFTA awards, Victoria Hamilton, who portrays Queen Elizabeth, talked about reprising her role as the mother of the Queen. The classical theater actress told Daily Express that her character will be once again as rich, detailed, and extraordinary just like what fans saw in the first season. As they will be all moving in the 1960s era, it will be more about the “modern encroaching world” that will begin to establish “The Crown.”

The 10 episodes of “The Crown” Season 2 are believed to be dropped on Netflix in the latter part of 2017.