David Fincher has recently announced that he is bringing a new series to Netflix called "Mindhunters." The series is to follow two F.B.I agents who profile and interview serial killers to better understand their profiles. The series is a TV adaptation of the novel of the same name. The trailer for the series was released online today and gives fans a flavor of what they can look forward to once the series airs.

The new series about serial killers

According to the Business Insider, David Fincher is behind the new Netflix series titled "Mindhunters." The series is to be set in the 1970's and is to follow two F.B.I agents as they interview several serial killers.

The series will be less focused on the cops bringing the serial killers to justice and more focused on understanding the techniques that the F.B.I use to better understand and profile serial killers.

The new series "Mindhunters" is based off the 1997 book of the same name written by John Douglas. The book is extremely popular and has gained many fans over the years. Fincher is hoping to impress both the author and the fans of the novel with his TV adaptation of "Mindhunters."

The trailer reveals what fans have to look forward to

The trailer begins with a photograph of a victim being printed leading fans into the series genre of criminal investigation. The scene then changes to one of the F.B.I agents interviewing a Serial Killer and taking down notes of what the killer is saying to him.

The serial killer explains how one has to prepare both physically and mentally to kill someone before chillingly adding that there are more people like him out there.

A voice over narrates the next part of the trailer as the purpose of the characters in the series is explained to the viewers. One of the agents explains how he and his partner travel around the country in order to educate the police force the necessary skills to profile serial killers.

The F.B.I agents do not spend all of their time educating fellow police officers or interviewing serial killers. The trailer hints that they will be involved in a series of investigations into the psyche of people in general. They try to find out what conditions are necessary to create a serial killer so they can prevent them from killing in the first place.

The agents are met with resistance along the way from police forces as they state that their job should be putting an end to serial killers and not amusing them.

"Mindhunters" is due to be released on the Netflix streaming platform come October 13. Fans of the novel can look forward to seeing this new TV adaptation.