"The Bachelorette" Season 13 finale was on Monday, August 7 when the world found out that Rachel Lindsay accepted a proposal from Bryan Abasolo. The happy couple made their rounds on the talk shows and openly displayed their affection for each other. Even so, there are reports that there is a lot of tension between them behind closed doors.

Since the season first began, Rachel announced that she was engaged and couldn't wait to show off the man she was engaged to. Viewers waited three months to find out that it was Bryan even though millions were hoping it was Peter Kraus.

Reasons for tension

Now that the cameras are gone and the couple is out of the spotlight, there are reports that even though they profess to be so much in love, there is tension in their relationship.

It appears that Bryan had no idea what was going on between Rachel and Peter until he watched the finale along with the rest of the viewers. He admits that it was hard watching what happened between Rachel and Peter. Like so many others, the 37-year-old chiropractor is wondering if he was a rebound. He is not 100 percent sure if Rachel is over Peter and if she loves him as much as she loved Peter.

Another thing that is causing tension in their relationship is the differences in their lifestyle especially when it comes to their social life.

Rachel loves to go out with her girlfriends. Bryan is quite the opposite. He would rather spend time alone with Rachel to get to know her better. It doesn't matter if they spend quality time dining out alone or relaxing at home.

Bryan said the couple could settle down in Miami where his business is, in Dallas where Rachel is from, or in Los Angeles where Rachel wants to start a career in broadcast journalism.

However, Bryan really prefers not leaving his business he has built up in Miami, but he doesn't want to push the issue because he could start over.

What they agree on

In spite of the things that are allegedly causing friction in their new relationship, there is something that they say they are looking forward to. Both of them have acknowledged they want to start a family.

Rachel wants four children and Bryan wants three. That doesn't seem to be an issue right not because they have decided not to rush into marriage.

The tension that the couple might be experiencing will be over by the time they are ready to get married. Since Rachel wants a winter wedding, Bryan says they will probably get married in December 2018 or January 2019.