A week after Robert Pattinson was spotted having a cozy dinner with Katy Perry, the “Twilight” alum’s fiancée FKA Twigs was also photographed with a French model on Friday looking cozy. The English songstress was seen with Brieuc Breitenstein, who appeared to have been snuggling into her hair while vacationing in Spain. Photos of them surfaced online following R-Patz recent interview with Howard Stern when he said that he is “kind of engaged” to the songstress, which create doubts to fans whether they are still together. Although they have not confirmed these reports yet, it seems that E!

News’ recent report that everything between them is “basically over” could be true.

Is it over?

Another photo of FKA Twigs and her new friend Brieuc Breitenstein also made its way online when they were spotted later that night taking a stroll in Ibiza sporting all white outfits together. If the source’s recent revelation to E! News that Pattinson and the songstress are just sorting everything out before they’ll make their split public, then the couple is most likely over. They have been keeping their relationship private since they started dating in 2014 and eventually got engaged in 2015. However, their relationship has been scrutinized by fans especially the Twi-hards who are still not over R-Patz relationship with Kristen Stewart.

Many of them don’t understand why he is dating her and the actor also said that his fiancée faces “racial disparagement.”

Pattinson though stated that he’s been trying to patch things up with FKA Twigs but admits that he isn’t always successful. R-Patz said that he only wants to protect his relationship and his privacy but the “professional trolls” are always there to hurt them.

His recent revelation made people suggest that something wrong is going on between the couple. Fans believe that when he said that they are still “kind of engaged,” he probably hinted that their relationship is on the rocks. His recent dinner with Katy Perry also added fuel to their breakup rumors.

No more wedding bells?

During an interview with GQ Magazine for its September 2017 issue, Pattinson was asked if he is getting married, but all he said was “Eh, ” and this convinces most fans that their engagement is off.

However, it could also mean that he still wants to be private about his relationship with FKA Twigs. The last time they were seen together though was in May 2017 during R-Patz’ 31st birthday and fans were quick to speculate that they have just broken up recently. Either way, we just hope that things between them will be fixed sometime soon.

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