Teen Wolf Season 6 is getting more intense as each episode goes by. Episode 16 might be the most anticipated one after the MTV series stormed the small screens with the back-to-back episodes 14 and 15. Unfortunately, the upcoming episode will not air until September 3.

The previous episodes undeniably brought the fear out of everyone. Even the toughest characters are sweating it out. As Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) put it, the fear amplified after the supernatural villain was finally revealed in the fifteenth episode.

According to TV Line, Deaton (Seth Gilliam) said that the creature is called “Anuk Ite.”

No Episode 16 will be aired this week

Carter Matt reported that there won’t be any “Teen Wolf” episode this week no matter how soon we wanted to see more of the series. The MTV Music Video Awards is the main reason why it had to be delayed. While ratings are noticeably great when it comes to award shows, this will not be the case for the Teen Wolf fans. It is safe to say that every moment is precious since this is going to be the last season of the series.

Spoilers for Episode 16

The sixteenth episode’s official synopsis says, “Liam and Theo attempt to draw the Hunters away from Beacon in Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 16 ‘Triggers’ airing in two weeks on MTV.” The episode title obviously has a deeper meaning.

It can be recalled that there were previous speculations for this season, having a political theme.

Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) has been doing a great job influencing new hunters to be merciless. There is a huge chance that the characters will be caught in the crosshairs. As mentioned earlier, Theo (Cody Christian) and Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) will be working together.

This is a scenario we cannot imagine. Theo may have proved his innocence to Scott (Tyler Posey), but there are plenty of reasons left enough to doubt him. After all, Theo was proven and tested as someone that cannot be trusted by the pack.

Things to look forward

Now that the pack knows what we are dealing with, they are set to fight back.

After Brett and Lori’s death and Gerard’s refusal for a peace talk, we are looking at the biggest supernatural war of the history. Meanwhile, there is Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), whom we believe are ready to join the war.

The biggest aspect in “Teen Wolf” Season 6 is fear. However, Scott has a proof that he is on the winning side. McCall is a True Alpha, who has a strong will. He did not need to kill an alpha (which is the usual case) just to be one. McCall possesses a fearless character that will do anything for the people he loves.