"The Emoji Movie,” an animated film that featured some of the favorite emoticons on mobile phones, was shown a month ago. However, a recent review detailed the various aspects which the film allegedly failed at. Was the movie really a major flop?

Some critics could not seem to move on from saying how bad the animated film was. Rotten Tomatoes has given it a low rating of eight percent.

Recently, another website gave “The Emoji Movie” a negative feedback that detailed areas where it needed to improve. The Cornell Daily Sun, an Independent Newspaper in New York, stated that the movie’s script was “badly written and poorly delivered.”

“The poor delivery only minimizes any potential impact that better scripts have,” it said in the review.

Aside from the script, the article also made comments on the characters, saying that they “are all really bland.”

“The Emoji Movie” was an animated full-length film released by Sony Pictures Animation, the same company behind “The Smurfs,” “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs,” and “Hotel Transylvania.” The movie was set in a Textopolis, a fictional world where various emoticons lived. It told the story of Gene, who went on a journey to find himself and be like everyone else.

Released last July 28, the movie was directed by Anthony Leondis. It was written by Leondis himself, along with Eric Siegel and Mike White. Actors such as James Corden and Anna Faris gave voices to the main characters of the story.

‘Not recommended’

“’The Emoji Movie’ was utterly cheerless. The animation team did their job, but the designs are not good and the script is completely terrible. The publicized messages are lost and distorted,” the recent movie review stated. It also detailed aspects such as the jokes made on the film, the themes, and the climax among many others.

The love story between the main character Gene and a character named Jailbreak, both based on mobile phone emoticons, were reportedly forced. Moreover, the independent newspaper thought the humor was not funny, despite the presence of some good gags.

The review also stated how the climax of the movie, the part where it was supposed to get more excited, made them puzzled and baffled about the turn of events.

There were also concepts such as feminism that the movie reportedly attempted to feature but allegedly did not succeed because of contradictions from the story.


According to Forbes, “The Emoji Movie” earned around $26 million on opening weekend. However, with its reviews that seemed to agree with each other, climbing the sales ladder might be challenging for this production by Sony Pictures Animation. It apparently lagged behind the other projects made by the company, that was more successful than this one.