Teen WolfSeason 6 fans cannot deny that the series is getting more dangerous as it ends near. While they still do not know who the real enemy is, Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) and his pack are facing a new hunter.

It can be recalled that the new hunter was Beacon Hills Highschool’s new guidance counselor. As of now, Scott does not know her identity yet. His lead to finding her is the silver bullet used to kill the Hellhound. With the help of Chris Argent (JR Bourne), they have discovered how she is intentionally killing supernatural creatures.

Of course, she does not have much knowledge about what going on in Beacon Hills.

Just like other hunters who are new to the business, she has one-sided belief that no one deserves to have supernatural powers like wolves, Hellhound and all unordinary beings.

Michael Hogan is back in Episode 13

During the final scene of episode 12, viewers have seen Gerard Argent's (Michael Hogan) return. Apparently, he is the one who has been helping the new hunter. According to Spoilers Guide, episode 13 entitled “After Images” synopsis reads:

“While Scott and the others desperately pursue a missing werewolf, Melissa and Argent investigate the nature of a strange body.”

International Business Times also reported that Scott and his pack will continue to pursue a missing werewolf – Brett (Cody Saintgnue).

In episode 12's final scene, Brett was shot by Gerard with an arrow. The recently released trailer of episode 13 featured Gerard and the new hunter named Tamora (Sibongile Mlambo).

They were still hunting Brett in the forest. At the same time, Scott’s pack was also out looking for him. We will soon find out in Season 6 if Brett can save his self as Tamora worries about Scott showing up anytime soon.

Gerard Argent’s master plan in Season 6

If one is familiar with Gerard Argent, they will be aware how dangerous he is being on the new hunter’s side. He is capable of things that are beyond imagination. The promo for episode 13 featured him saying, “We’re building an army to hunt them all.”

Moreover, Scott, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) will face obstacles before finding out the Argent leader’s villainous plan.

On the other hand, we mentioned earlier that Melissa, Scott’s mom, is set to investigate a mysterious body with the help of Chris Argent. In the end, it is worth mentioning that “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 13 was directed by no other than Tyler Posey himself. Watch out for more updates!