The Teen Titans live action series is coming along nicely. The cast is being completed and this time, the role of Koriand’r aka Starfire is up, with Anna Diop being cast as the heroine, according to Deadline.

Diop has been around the block, with shows like “24: Legacy” and “Messengers” to her credit. Starfire is her latest role now, a heroine who is portrayed both in the comic books and the cartoon show as someone who is lost in the loop at times but has emerged to become one of the group’s leaders.

Rounding up the crew

So far, most of the crew has been filled.

The live action series—one of the newest shows in DC’s stable, and coming by the way of a new digital streaming service—features new heroes whose core crew are the only ones that don’t really change. Greg Berlanti and Sara Shechter are the showrunners.

As DC is doing in the movies, it’s a big question where ‘Teen Titans’ will fit in the DC universe being built-up in the movies. There is also the question of where the series will be linked: the DC cinematic universe or the DC-CW one?

With a fluid team like the Titans, there’s a possibility that younger heroes like Kid Flash ('The Flash") and Speedy ("Arrow") could find themselves in the group.

The only sure thing within the group is that Dick Grayson, Starfire, and Raven are confirmed to be permanents.

Beast Boy and Cyborg, meanwhile, remain to be seen, with Beast Boy’s participation being more or less a sure thing.

Still, there are many other heroes who could join the team. Superboy (Kon-El) and Aqualad (Jackson Hyde/Kaldur’ahm) come to mind.

The rest of the team

Anna Diop will be joining a cast that already includes Teagan Croft, who will be playing Raven.

There are also speculations that much of the series, you’ll be seeing deeper interactions between Dick Grayson and Starfire. It’s known that Robin and Starfire shared a relationship both in the comic books and in the animated TV series and it’s nice to know that the live action series won’t be changing that.

Dick Grayson and Beast Boy are just some of the yet-to-be confirmed castings on the TV show.

DC will be airing the new show on their own streaming service, so the appearance of other young heroes on ‘Teen Titans’ remains to be seen.

With production only having just started and licensing problems being what they are, it remains to be seen how frequently Starfire will figure in live-action fight scenes—usually depending on the budget—and whether there will really be anything in the scripts for other DCEU young heroes to appear in the production.