Not only did Kim Kardashian rock the Interview photo shoot, but her four-year-old daughter North West also shared the spotlight with her mother. She answered various questions about her childhood and favorite food, in a slumbook-style question and answer.

Earlier this week, the internationally-acclaimed female celebrity rocked the magazine photo shoot, dressed up like the former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. She was joined by North, who also wore a dress inspired by Wednesday Addams.

In the interview, the four-year-old shared tidbits about her family, and even shared the contents of her purse.

When asked about her little brother Saint West, she said that she likes to give him toy trucks and a big toy bear.

The interview revealed that her favorite song is her father Kanye West’s single titled “Amazing.” She also revealed that her best friend would have to be her mother, Kim.

Favorite food, favorite color

She was also asked what her favorite pizza topping is. Her answer was cheese. She told Interview, “Just Cheese! Cheese, cheese, everywhere cheese.”

When it comes to her favorite color, she rather played safe by answering “rainbow.” However, when asked about her favorite dress, she responded that the dress is colored purple.

North also dished out on the contents of her purse. As a little girl, she said she always puts toys and makeup inside her purse whenever she goes to church, the magazine pointed out.

Dressed up like a First Lady

North West’s interview was part of Kim Kardashian’s feature in the recent issue of Interview magazine. She was dressed up as former First Lady Jackie Kennedy in what the magazine called as “America’s New First Lady.”

The interview contained details about her career and raising her mixed-race daughter North West.

Steven Klein took their photos and praised Kim because of her versatility. The styling was done by Patti Wilson, while the interview was done by Janet Mock. For North, her questions came from Millie Bobby Brown, Kaia Gerber and even from the children of pop singer Britney Spears.

“She is underestimated, misunderstood and undeniably fascinating.

For her debut appearance on this magazine with her daughter North, Kim Kardashian West channels another mother whose every movement captured the American imagination: First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,” the magazine said.

She is set to launch her new fragrance line next month. This will be part of her other product campaigns, including Balmain, Yeezy, and makeup brand KKW Beauty.