"Teen Mom OG" star Ryan Edwards is allegedly in some hot water with fans, his wife, and now his baby mama, Maci Bookout. After hearing about Ryan's reported cheating on his new wife Mackenzie Standifer, a source claims that Maci was "not surprised" by the news. The insider went on to reveal that Bookout believes that Ryan will never change, but that she is much more worried about Ryan's sobriety and his parenting relationship with their son Bentley than she is about his marriage to Mackenzie. Bookout allegedly has fears that Edwards will relapse despite his recent stint in rehab, and is leery of having Bentley around Ryan right now.

Maci not surprised by Ryan's latest drama

Meanwhile, Ryan Edwards marriage could be on the rocks. The "Teen Mom OG" dad was allegedly busted sexting more than one woman on the dating app, Tinder. In the released messages, Ryan sent very explicit texts to one of the women while revealing that his wife was out of town and asking the woman to come to his house. He also reportedly sent the girl nude photographs of himself. Mackenzie reportedly got involved and messaged the woman back asking her to stop corresponding with her husband. When asked about the scandal, Ryan revealed that the reports were "bull" and stated that he was married.

Ryan and Mackenzie are growing tired of Maci

Meanwhile, Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are reportedly also dealing with drama with Maci Bookout.

The "Teen Mom OG" stars are allegedly tired of Maci's comments and thoughts about Ryan's drug issues and want her to stay out of their business. Sources claim that Ryan and Mackenzie want Maci to "move on" from the topic of Ryan's rehab stint and sobriety. They reportedly think Bookout is "obsessed" over the fact that he may relapse, and has been watching Ryan like a hawk since he left rehab.

Ryan's scary moment

As many "Teen Mom OG" fans know, Ryan Edwards revealed that he had entered a rehab facility for treatment after the reality series aired a shocking scene in which he was seen driving under the influence of drugs. In the scene, Ryan is driving himself and Mackenzie to their wedding when he begins to slur his words and fall asleep at the wheel.

Mackenzie was forced to hit him to wake him up multiple times, and then turned off the cameras in their car, later asking him if he had taken Xanax, to which he replied no.

What's next for Edwards?

It looks like Ryan Edwards' life may be a little chaotic right now. He's dealing with a new marriage, cheating allegations, baby mama drama, and all while trying to stay sober after going to rehab. Fans have been calling him out online, but for now the "Teen Mom OG" star and his wife Mackenzie are staying mostly silent on the situation.