Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry opened up about her controversial pregnancy. On Monday night's episode of the hit reality show, Kailyn admitted that her third pregnancy came as a surprise. Apparently, she was told that it will be difficult for her to conceive naturally ever again. During a conversation with her baby daddy Jo Rivera, Lowry revealed that the doctors even suggested going through fertility treatments and IVF in order for her to conceive successfully.

Kailyn on 3rd pregnancy: 'It was not planned and not prevented.'

When an MTV producer asked the Teen Mom 2 star if she and her new baby daddy, chris lopez, used any birth control methods, the reality star bluntly said they had not.

Kailyn also clarified that her third pregnancy was "not planned and not prevented," adding that Chris knew about her desire to have another baby. "He knew I wanted a baby and if it happened, it was fine," the reality star said.

Jo Rivera expresses concern

During the same episode, Jo asked Kailyn if she intends to be with Chris now that their baby is on the way. The 25-year-old tattooed beauty admitted that she was planning on being together with her new baby daddy but clarified that he was not willing to be part of Teen Mom 2. Upon learning about Lowry's plan, Jo expressed his concern for his seven-year-old son Isaac and his stepbrother three-year-old Lincoln. Apparently, Rivera was worried about the kids' impression on her when she started living with Chris.

"It was different with Isaac and Javi, Isaac was a baby," Jo said.

Kailyn not willing to tell Javi about pregnancy

Lowry also revealed that she is more than willing to "tell her own story" in front of the cameras instead of having someone else tell it. Apparently, the Teen Mom 2 star is ready to share her story with everyone except for Javi Marroquin.

According to the reality star, at that time, she has no plans to tell Javi about her pregnancy because she's afraid that he will end up selling her story.

Did Chris abandon Kailyn and their unborn baby?

Meanwhile, numerous reports claim that Lopez doesn't want anything to do with Lowry and the child. Rumors have it that Chris allegedly wants to ditch Kailyn before the baby comes out.

However, Kailyn is reportedly not going to let Chris get off that easy.

According to reports, the Teen Mom 2 star is planning to go after her baby daddy financially. "She’s going after him financially, she doesn’t really need the money — it’s more about making him pay," a source revealed. There were also claims that Kailyn is trying to be positive about the situation, adding that she wants to stay happy for the sake of her kids.

It can be recalled that Lopez allegedly cheated on Lowry multiple times in the past. So far, Chris has yet to comment on the accusations.

Check out more of Kailyn Lowry in Teen Mom 2 Episode 5 on Tuesday, August 7.