bethenny frankel revealed this week that her beloved dog Cookie turned 17-years-old recently. Cookie has been with Bethenny for all of these years, long before she was famous and long before she started filming “The Real Housewives of New York.” Even though Cookie has had her fair share of health struggles, this little dog is fighting through and she is doing everything possible to enjoy life these days.

Frankel loves her dog and she is very proud of her pooch, even though she also has two additional dogs that she added to the crew this past year.

Of course, Bethenny Frankel's dog has a loyal place in her heart. The dog has been with her through everything she's gone through including two divorces over the years. In her book, "A Place of Yes,” Bethenny explains that her dog Cookie has been the one steady thing in her life after her first marriage and even after her failed marriage to jason hoppy.

Was cookie used as a pawn?

During the divorce, Frankel’s dog played a huge role in how terribly sad it all came to be. Bethenny was devastated to learn that Jason had supposedly locked the dog in the storage room where she couldn't find it. Bethenny Frankel explained that her divorce from Jason had gotten to be nasty and Frankel has hinted that Jason may have left the dog in a storage room just to hurt her.

Bethenny was completely devastated when she learned this shocking revelation and it sounds like the dog may have been used as a pawn to hurt Bethenny during this split.

On "The Real Housewives of New York," Bethenny Frankel has revealed that her divorce from Jason has been pure hell.

It sounds like money and custody were not the issues. If Jason did indeed lock Cookie in the storage room to hurt Bethenny Frankel and to make her think that the dog was gone and possibly even dead, one could label that as pure torture.

Hurting her and using her pet to do it

He knows how much she adores this dog and how much they've been through together.

So to go after the dog might've been the perfect way to hurt Frankel. Perhaps this is what she means when she talks about how the divorce is pure hell.

But it sounds like Bethenny loves her little dog and they're doing well these days. Cookie has gone from living in a New York apartment for years to now enjoying life in the Hamptons with Frankel whenever she's out there. It sounds like she spends time in the Hamptons when she has her daughter Bryn with her in the summertime. Frankel has shared many posts on social media from the Hamptons and it sounds like they are indeed enjoying their summer away from the big city. As for Jason, he’s probably not sending Cookie a birthday card.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel celebrating her dog's birthday, considering the dog has been through so much with her?