The civil trial for the 2013 ‘groping incident’ on country-pop idol Taylor Swift continued Thursday, with the singer-songwriter herself finally taking the witness stand. While the first days of the proceedings focused on the testimony and cross-examination of her ‘assailant,’ former Denver-based DJ David Mueller, the fourth day went and examined the course of events from Swift’s view. It should be noted that Mueller was the first to file a case against Taylor for slander after her private accusation of him led to his being let go by his bosses at KYGO.

The music artist then sought a countersuit charging Mueller of assault, worth a million dollars to the DJ’s $3 million suit.

Strong testimony

When Taylor Swift took the stand on day 4 of the countersuit trial, she began to relate her take on the sordid incident at the Denver Pepsi Center in 2013, in which she alleges that David Mueller touched her inappropriately in a meet-and-greet backstage during one of her concerts. Dressed and styled conservatively for the occasion, Swift surprised observers with her steely nerve as she related the story to the jury. “He grabbed my ass underneath my skirt,” Taylor narrated without hesitation. “It was underneath my skirt.”

Mueller’s lawyer Gabriel McFarland then began his examination questioning Swift’s account of the groping.

The singer refuted his nitpicking of details with remarkable confidence. She insisted that, contrary to Mueller’s assertion that he may have just grazed her ribs with his elbow, his hand was indeed under her skirt. When she was pressed on why she did not alert her bodyguard backstage when the KYGO DJ touched her, Swift frankly admitted that she was too shocked to do so.

Taylor also washed her hands of any responsibility that her telling the KYGO station management about the incident caused Mueller his job, flatly asserting that he alone is responsible for his misfortune by his inappropriate actions against her.

On her side

The Swift vs. Mueller trial was held at the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse in Denver, where Taylor was accompanied in the proceedings by her mother Andrea.

On Thursday she was joined by more family and associates in the presence of her brother Austin Swift and publicist Tree Paine. Also there near the courthouse were fans of the breakout country and pop music icon, fully solid in their support of her.

Social media was also active during the court proceedings, with a majority positive reaction to the way Taylor Swift acquitted herself during her testimony and under cross-examination. Twitter commentaries took note of her strong presence, as well as the text of her suit against David Mueller, where she hopes that it will set an example for women who might have second thoughts about revealing any past moment of humiliation when inquired of them.