As Taylor Swift recently dropped her new single titled “Look What You Made Me Do” and its official music video, fans are now expecting a concert tour is about to happen. However, compared to her previous shows, it looks like this one will never be the same.

The 27-year-old star’s camp gave an official press release to Entertainment Weekly, and it noted the pre-order procedure for her new album, “Reputation.” Through this new mechanics, her followers can now register for Taylor Swift Tix powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan for the chance to securely buy tickets to her “upcoming concert show.”

A new mechanic to buy concert tickets

It seems like fans disapprove this new technicality, especially when the press release revealed that Taylor Swift collaborated with Ticketmaster Verified Fan for her alleged concert’s upcoming U.S.


According to EW, Swifties have to register on the Taylor Swift Tix portal and do a number of different kinds of activities to have more chance of advancing their place in the queue. The possibility of securing a concert ticket depends on the number of the activities her followers do.

Fans’ disapproval

One of these mentioned activities is buying a $60 gold snake ring from Taylor Swift’s official website.

And because of the band’s pricey cost, fans feel like they are being robbed of having the chance to buy her concert ticket. Her followers have to purchase the performer’s merchandise and albums.

Although the former girlfriend of Calvin Harris is not the first one to use Ticketmaster's Verified Fan program, Daily Mail reported it looks like she is the only one who wants her fans to pay for her albums, stuff, and watch her videos first to increase their chances to buy her concert ticket.

Ed Sheeran and Bruce Springsteen also use this mechanic.

Taylor Swift saw this procedure as a “fun way’ for her fans to have access to her shows. Also, she thinks that she could fight ticket bots and resellers this way.

The scalpers are known for buying a lot of concert tickets through Ticketmaster and earn a profit by reselling it.

In fact, there is now ticket bot software that can now buy thousands of tickets in an instant.

The businesswoman in Swift

Taylor Swift is now being known as a smart businesswoman. Thus this new mechanic didn’t surprise some of her fans.

Also, knowing how Swifties give their support to their idol, they would no doubt buy a lot of her merchandise and her albums. However, for some who don’t like one to spend a lot, this new procedure raises their eyebrows.