Blac Chyna has recently revealed that she wants to take a shot at being a rapper and that celebrity has released a sneak peek of her first track online. Fans are convinced that some of the lyrics are directed at Chyna's ex Rob Kardashian though this has not been officially confirmed. The couple has been publicly attacking one another online and it would not be a surprise if Chyna were sending her ex a message.

Chyna released a preview of her rap video

According to Intouch Weekly, Blac Chyna has released a sneak peek of her new rap music video to social media and fans are wondering if the star has made a stab at her ex Rob Kardashian.

The track is titled "P.O.P" and some lyrics of the rap can be heard which appears to refer to Chyna using Rob for his money.

The lyrics state that Blac Chyna seduced Rob and that he allowed her to take whatever she wanted from him. As this is not controversial enough, Chyna claims that Rob would allow her to do so again and fans are shocked to hear these claims from Rob's ex. While it has not been confirmed that the song is about Rob Kardashian, one can assume with the ex-couples ongoing feud that Chyna means to address these lyrics towards her ex.

According to New York Daily News, a source close to Blac Chyna has stated that the lyrics were not meant to be directed towards Robert Kardashian.

However, Chyna has previously announced that she feels betrayed by her ex after he leaked explicit pictures of her online and fans strongly believe that Chyna is getting her revenge against the Kardashian.

The couple's relationship has turned sour

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were together for a short time in which they got engaged and had a baby daughter Dream together.

However, once Dream was born their relationship turned sour and Blac Chyna left with the baby in tow. According to InTouch Weekly, Rob Kardashian was heartbroken when Chyna left and claimed that she had cheated on him several times.

This led to him releasing explicit photographs of his ex-online and claiming that she never let him see his daughter dream.

Chyna has since received a restraining order against Rob Kardashian and has hired a lawyer to take further action against her ex-stating that he abused her when they were together.

According to InTouch Weekly, Blac Chyna has announced that she was devastated by Rob Kardashian's actions towards her and felt personally victimized by her ex. She released a statement about Rob's behavior and explained that she trusted him completed and he has broken that trust between them.

Rob Kardashian has not made a comment about Blac Chyna's rap video but in a report by the NY Daily News, the celebrity refuses to watch Chyna's latest endeavor.