Taylor Swift has been making headlines lately for all of the wrong reasons, as her groping trial is taking center stage in her career at this point. While Swift may be interested in making headlines about how well her music is doing, she testified recently in a Case about a man who decided to grope her while photos being taken. The man had grabbed her bare butt cheek and she felt completely violated. This resulted in charges being delayed and she is now speaking out on behalf of women everywhere who have experienced the same thing.

One can imagine it is difficult for Swift to relive everything that happened on the day where she was physically assaulted by a man who had no right to grab her during the photo opportunity.

While Taylor could have easily dismissed the case because he possibly just wanted to touch her for the sake of saying that he had touched her bum cheek, Taylor is now testifying against him in court to prove a point. She wants everyone to know that it is not acceptable to touch a woman who does not want to be touched.

Support everywhere

Taylor Swift is now getting plenty of support from other female celebrities who feel that she's doing a great job by speaking out on behalf of everyone. As it turns out, people are very happy that Taylor is taking this as far as she can, and doing everything possible to make an example of this man.

When in court, Swift explains how he first placed his hand on her bare bum and how she thought that he couldn't possibly be doing what she thought he was doing.

She did give him the benefit of the doubt but quickly realized that he was indeed groping her.

Her testimony was chilling, and "Girls" founder Leah Dunham reached out via Twitter to show her support. In her tweet, Leah reveals that she finds Swift to be a powerful example of a woman speaking out against a man, who feels he can do just about anything to a woman.

"Proud of @taylorswift13 for her fierce & cutting testimony & her refusal to settle for being treated like property," the "Girls" creator wrote on Twitter, adding, "Her example is powerful."

Similar case with Gigi Hadid

The fan in question may just have touched Taylor Swift for the sake of being able to brag to his friends about what he had done to her.

This isn't the first time that a male fan has tried to touch or ambush a female celebrity for the sake of possible bragging rights.

Last year, Gigi Hadid was attacked while partying one night and when she decided to defend herself, she was portrayed in the media as being someone who wasn't appreciative of her fans. It was clear that she just wanted to protect herself and she did what she could to defend herself when her bodyguard wasn't near her.

What do you think about Taylor Swift's decision to take this groping case all the way to court? Do you think she's setting an example for women and for girls everywhere that groping is not okay?