Luis D. Ortiz returned to the season finale of "Million Dollar Listing New York" last week, as his former co-stars Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant decided to visit him in Paris. Fredrik had invited Ryan to Paris to celebrate his 40th birthday and he knew that Luis would be in town because he had moved there just a few months earlier.

When the group of real estate agents got together at Luis' house, the agents were curious to know if his decision to move to Paris had solved his happiness problems and if he had found what he was looking for. Now, Luis is giving an explanation as to why he broke down in tears and revealed to his former co-stars that he was not happy with his decision.

Not happy at all

"Million Dollar Listing New York" star Luis had told his co-stars that he was miserable living in Paris and he wasn't sure if it was the right decision to move across the ocean to try to find his happiness. His co-stars had warned him that moving across the sea was not the right decision to look for happiness and that he could find happiness in New York City. While in Paris, Ryan and Fredrik tried to encourage Luis to come back to New York and do real estate, and possibly return to the hit Bravo show.

According to Instagram, Luis D. Ortiz decided to talk about his decision to move overseas and why he still hasn't been able to find his personal happiness.

"I am not looking for a specific place to make me happy.

Happiness is inside all of us. What I am looking for is to continue to learn more about myself through places I know nothing about, through people I have never met with different perspectives about life and the world they live in and through the stories I create with all of them by allowing myself to be taken into their world," Luis has revealed on Instagram.

Now what? Back to New York?

It is sad to learn that Luis does not feel happy in Paris as he made a sudden decision to leave New York behind. Ortiz has yet to explain whether he just rented his apartment in New York or if he still has a place to come back to if he chooses to move back to Manhattan. No word on whether Bravo would give him his spot back on "Million Dollar Listing New York" if he decided to return to the show and to real-estate.

Ortiz has yet to reveal whether real estate is the career choice that makes him happy. It sounds like he is just traveling around Europe to learn about new people and different cultures at the moment, so real estate in Manhattan may not be what he pursues again. His former co-stars like the idea of him coming back.

Are you surprised to learn that Luis D. Ortiz is not happy with his decision to move to Paris? What do you think he should do in pursuit of finding his own personal happiness?