Kylie Jenner announced that she would be getting her own show titled "Life of Kylie" on the E! Network. This is the same network that has the Kardashian show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and the network has found tremendous success in airing the show over the past couple years.

However, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have found themselves to be growing their own separate brand away from the Kardashian sisters and the network wanted to explore what this new generation of celebrities was doing. Kylie's new show launch just a few weeks ago, but it sounds like it has been a huge hit with her fans, and even viewers who knew very little about Kylie Jenner's life.

A copy of the Kardashians?

Many have argued that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" show is somewhat staged. It's no secret that the Kardashian sisters may not want everything out in the world, and Kim Kardashian has been keeping a low profile since she was the subject of a horrible robbery in Paris last year.

But it sounds like Kylie may be taking a different approach with her own show, as she is willing to show even the most Vulnerable side of herself to viewers. Of course, Kylie is only 20 years old, so she may have a different view about being a celebrity and being open and honest compared to her older sisters who have been through much more.

When "Life of Kylie" was airing on the E! network this past week, many fans reached out to her, thanking her for being so vulnerable about her life and her feelings.

She is a celebrity and does use her personality and her persona to sell products, so many people assume that she has a thick skin and doesn't take things personally.

The spotlight can be tough

However, Kylie is revealing that he can be tough to be in the spotlight, and for a while, she even considered leaving the spotlight altogether as it was too tough on her.

However, it sounds like Jenner is giving many female celebrities a voice, as she is being vulnerable and opening up about her feelings being in the spotlight, being a celebrity, being the younger sister of the famous trio and even running her own business.

It is unknown how successful the show will be, even though Kylie recently revealed that she had made $420 million from her lip gloss business.

Her mother could not be more proud of her and it sounds like her personal net worth may be upwards of $1 billion. However, even though she's so successful in business, Kylie's show may not be what fans are looking for and the show may not survive after a few seasons. On the other hand, this show may be exactly what fans are looking for, as she is showing a more vulnerable side that fans may not be expecting.

What do you think about Kylie Jenner getting so much praise for being vulnerable on her new show "Life of Kylie?" Have you watched the episodes yourself?