Taylor Swift debuted the newest music video for her latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do," and was released on Sunday night during the 2017 Video Music Awards. Her latest video has flaunted a new version of the pop singer. The video featured her rising from the dead and literally, she was in a zombified version. What made it more interesting was when Swift was featured crawling from the grave. To recall, the pop singer first dropped the music video on YouTube on Thursday and it earned around 19 million views on the first day. According to Washington Post, it has been the most-viewed music video on that day.

Breaking streaming records

Apart from the millions of views which her newest single earned online, Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" has also broken streaming service record globally. On the first day, Spotify has recorded around 8 million streaming service listeners and it has been recorded as the most streamed single in the platform on the first day. Swift being away from the spotlight for a quite a long time has indeed made her fans missed her even more.

On top of it all, numbers of her fans have also paid for her newest release single in the different digital libraries. On Friday, her song was reportedly downloaded for about 200,000 times. Apparently, it took Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" an entire week to get that numbers of downloads.

Further, it was also predicted that Swift's newest album could reach around half million downloads in its first week.

Zombie-themed music video

As Swift dropped her newest music video, everyone was amazed as she took the audience to a whole-new look of her single. The official music video has featured her bathing in a tub of diamonds and a snake was seen popping behind her.

Meanwhile, the video also ended with a little iteration of herself. Apparently, the pop singer has definitely made a twist from her infamous VMAs appearance in 2009 and to a newer version of herself.

Her newest single has broken records globally and was even predicted to continue rocking up its sales. It was the first ever most-watched lyric video in the span of 24 hours and it has almost gained 37 million viewers.

After her long hiatus from the spotlight and the social media, Swift has just created her major comeback. "Look What You Made Me Do" has also earned around 3 million audio streams in the United States according to Variety. Further, it was also predicted that Swift's new single will be the biggest single debut following Adele's "Hello" back in 2015.